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How to Get Admission in Stanford University: Know the Requirements

Kashyap Matani

Stanford University, one of the top-ranked universities in the world, hardly needs an introduction. It has maintained its #5 ranking in the QS World Rankings 2024 and is home to some of the top engineering, medical, liberal arts, and other departments. There are eighteen multifunctional schools and seven official academic schools. 200+ graduate programs in 90+ fields are available to students at Stanford.

In this blog, we'll inform you about the several prerequisites for admission to Stanford University. Among other things, Yocket will make the process of applying to universities easier to grasp, including the minimum scores and GPA needed to gain admission to Stanford. So, begin perusing!

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How Hard is it to get into Stanford?

Is admission to Stanford University difficult? Indeed! Is it, however, impossible? Definitely not! Stanford University, one of the top colleges in the world, is eager to accept applicants who have maintained a strong academic record over time. On the other hand, Stanford frequently accepts students who have strong extracurricular records, have surmounted obstacles, and exhibit potential for the future.

Similar to other Ivy League universities, Stanford University has extraordinarily stringent admissions requirements. Prospective students at Stanford University must not only have an outstanding GPA but also demonstrate engagement, creativity, and innovation outside of the regular classroom.

What is the Acceptance Rate at Stanfor University?

The acceptance rate at the Stanford University is a low 4.3%, meaning that only 4 out of every 100 candidates are admitted. One needs to work hard from the start to be accepted. The Statement of Purpose is one of the things that makes you unique. Make sure to give a thorough synopsis of your profile and to make it interesting and educational!

What are the Admission Requirements to get into Stanford University?

Is Stanford University the place to apply? One feels both anxious and excited when asked this question. Although it's not easy to get into Stanford University, you should have no trouble if you can meet the following requirements!

A GPA of 3.96 or above is required for admission to Stanford University. The list of required courses for high school, along with the duration of each subject, is as follows:




4 years


4 years

Science ( Physics, Chemistry, Biology lab)

3 or more years 

History/ Social Studies

3 or more years 

Foreign Language 

3 or more years 

For undergraduate programs, Stanford University requires scores from standardised tests like the SAT or ACT; for graduate programs, the GRE or GMAT. The results of English proficiency tests (TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE) must also be submitted by international students whose native language is not English. The table below displays the minimal test results that must be obtained.


Minimum Score Requirement for Stanford















Although attending Stanford is a dream come true, there is a significant cost involved. But, there are many scholarships available to overseas students, and the easiest way to pay for your education would be to take out an education loan. Need assistance with checking your loan eligibility and applying for the same? Utilize Yocket's personalized Loan Advisor!

Learn the complete difference between IELTS vs TOEFL!

Documents Needed for Admission into Stanford University

For admission to Stanford University, international students must fulfill the prerequisites and provide any additional supporting documents. The following section outlines the prerequisites for applying to Stanford University:

We covered the prerequisites for admission to Stanford University in this section. So, what's next? Figuring out the application process, of course!

Work Permit After Studying in USA?

How to get Admission in Stanford University as an International Student?

Once you sort the documents and verify your eligibility for a particular course at Stanford University, then you need to apply.  For you to complete this process error-free, we have outlined the steps that you must undertake below. They are:

1. Ace the SAT/ACT

International applicants to Stanford University must submit their SAT/ACT results to be evaluated for admission. The minimum SAT/ACT scores requested by Stanford are 1440-1570 and 34-35, respectively.

2. Ace the GMAT and GRE tests

International applicants interested in attending Stanford University's graduate programs are required to submit their GRE/GMAT scores. The minimum required GRE scores for Stanford is 162 in each section and 650+ in GMAT, respectively.

3. Submit English language Test Results

If you are from a non-English speaking nation (like India), you will need to demonstrate to Stanford University that you are fluent in both written and spoken English through the completion of an English proficiency test. The university may accept the PTE, IELTS, and TOEFL as examinations. The minimum IELTS score for Stanford is 7.0 overall.

4. Essays

Students are required to excellently write any essays that the institution requests.

5. Interview

If your application is shortlisted, then you will have an interview with the university board of directors. This is the chance to demonstrate your soft skills and passion regarding your subject area and attending the university.

6. Pay The Application Fee and Wait To Receive The Acceptance Letter

Await the arrival of your acceptance letter after paying the application fee. The application fee at Stanford University ranges between USD 90 - 125 / INR 7,470 - 10,370, varying program-wise.

Start Your Term

Once you have cleared the interview and secured a spot in your desired course, pay your tuition fee, begin figuring out the visa process, and book flight tickets!

Work Permit After Studying in the USA?

From the Desk of Yocket

Stanford University, one of the top 5 colleges in the world, provides students globally with an excellent education. Employers in every industry value Stanford graduates greatly, and the university boasts one of the strongest alumni networks worldwide. Stanford University is the right choice if you're seeking an academically demanding environment that will motivate you to achieve your goals and set you up for success in the real world.

Stanford University admissions is competitive for various reasons, but it is achievable with the correct planning and assistance. Yocket is a one-stop platform that offers assistance with all stages of the application procedure. Similar to the 40+ students who gained admission to Ivy League universities like Harvard and Yale in 2023, you can too get in for 2024. Just...

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