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Ways on How To Convince Parents For Studying Abroad

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Studying Abroad still sounds like a dream to many students. The lack of finances, proper knowledge, sufficient grades, or just the lack of support from your parents can act as a hindrance between you and your dream to study abroad. 

Well, convincing your parents is the first and most important step in the journey of landing at the university of your dreams. But now the question that arises is, how to convince parents for studying abroad, right?

Don’t worry! We have got you. 

Table Of Contents:

  1. Why Study Abroad?
  2. Ways to Convince Your Parents to Let You Study Abroad
  3. Convincing Indian Parents for Abroad Studies

Before knowing how to convince your parents to study abroad, let us begin our discussion by looking at the benefits of studying abroad:

Why Study Abroad?

Students from all over the world travel across countries, continents, and oceans to acquire best possible education. It is so because studying abroad offers several amazing perks, from assisting you in finding a suitable profession to increasing your social life. 

Here are the top 5 reasons to study abroad:

  1. Learn about a different culture.

For many international students, one of the most significant benefits of studying abroad is immersing themselves in a completely different environment. Living in a new country enlightens you in many ways and offers a broad perspective of life. You will also have the intriguing chance to view your own culture through an outsider’s eyes. In this way, you may learn a lot about yourself and your native nation!

  1. High-quality education

Your ultimate objective is to obtain the best education available no matter where you study. Being an international student might significantly expand your educational possibilities. Often studying at a foreign institution is the best option. Don’t restrict yourself to diving into the pool of adventures because taking chances is always worth it.

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  1. Opportunities for employment

The primary motivation for pursuing a degree in the first place is to accelerate your career in the right direction. Employers increasingly favour foreign graduates in today’s globalised and interconnected society. Learning new languages, appreciating different cultures, overcoming the hardships of living in another country, and gaining a better knowledge of the globe are all benefits of studying abroad.

  1. Make new acquaintances

Whatever university you attend, you'll meet many new people and make new friends who are all in the same situation as you. When you study abroad, you can meet individuals from other cultures and learn about other nations and customs.

Many lifetime friendships are formed at universities, and may also live, learn, and travel together while studying. 

  1. Become self-sufficient

It is commonly stated that once you attend university, you become independent in the true sense. It is especially true if you attend a university in a different nation! Adjusting to a new culture and environment, is a way of becoming self-sufficient personally. Living and studying in another country will help you grow into an independent and adventurous adult, ready to excel in your future ventures.

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So, now that you know about the perks of studying abroad let's talk about how to convince parents for studying abroad:

Ways to Convince Your Parents to Let You Study Abroad

Convincing Parents to study abroad might be really tough for some of you, especially if you belong to a conservative family. But if you know the different ways on how to convince your parents to let you study abroad, it won’t be a utopian task for you.

Given below are 7 ways of convincing parents to study abroad:

  1. Gather reliable information 

For convincing parents to study abroad, the first step is to gather information. Parents understand that adolescence is more about discovery than being rational. If you tell them your travelling overseas plans out of the blue, they may not take you seriously. To demonstrate that you are serious about it, you should plan ahead.

Research about programs, prices, entry criteria, nation, and university. Once you've settled on a program or country, enrol in a language course and start collecting all essential data. Only then your parents will recognise your zeal to study abroad. 

  1. Prioritise Personal Growth.

Your personal development might be one reason your parents are not convinced. Tell them how an overseas experience can help you become a more responsible adult and how much you can learn from a different culture. Consider terms such as "growing my horizons," "being a global citizen," "cultural awareness," and "learning to be autonomous." Your words must reflect your aspirations to study abroad. 

  1. Emphasize on Academic Benefits of Studying Abroad.

The next tip on how to convince parents for studying abroad is to emphasize the academic benefits that it offers. One critical issue to consider is the quality of academic programs offered in other countries. Explain to your parents that universities overseas are superior to those in your own country and would help you achieve greater academic success. This argument is often more persuasive when colleges are evaluated in global education rankings. 

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  1. Present the option of studying abroad correctly

Once you've decided to inform your parents that you wish to study abroad, you must put in efforts to convince them. One effective way is to create a slide presentation displaying the institution, country, and program you want to pursue your education. Make it clear that studying abroad is a fantastic chance to learn and encounter different cultures. It will have a profoundly good influence on your personal and professional growth.

  1. Make Budgetary Plans

Even if you receive a scholarship or discover free-tuition colleges, studying abroad will incur some additional fees. If you are successful in obtaining a scholarship, your worth will undoubtedly rise in the eyes of your parents.

However, this is insufficient. Consider finding part-time work to start saving money before your degree to demonstrate that you have a bigger vision and do not want to be a free rider. You'll undoubtedly sweep your parents off their feet if you tell them that you already have a rough budget for your study. This is a significant solution to the question of how to convince your parents to study abroad.

  1. Talk to a Counselor

A professional counselor will have a better idea of how to convince your parents to study abroad. So, before discussing with your parents, you may have a 15 minutes free consultation with our counselors at Yocket. As you talk about your plans with them they will guide you through all the doubts and queries that you may have. You will be in a better position to converse with your parents after having a second opinion from experts who are best in their field. The Yocket Premium Counseling Services are a great choice to acquire clarity on your study abroad plans. 

  1. Involve them and promise to keep in touch.

This is the last way on our list of how to convince parents to study abroad. Remember, even if your parents often claim they want you to be more responsible, they are also concerned that your independence would render them obsolete. That is why you must aim for their hearts. Once you've presented all of the information and justifications for studying abroad, let them know you respect their input and that they can assist you in making your final decision. Also, discuss the many methods through which you will stay in touch with them, such as social media, messaging applications, visiting frequently, or allowing them to visit you.

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Convincing Indian Parents for abroad studies

By now you have read the entire blog but now as an Indian student, you may ask how to convince Indian parents for studying abroad? Just remember parents are parents, and their cultural values don’t change their parental or emotional feelings towards their kids. Yes, you may have to use some additional tactics based on the situations in your household to convince them.

But all the ways suggested above on how to convince parents for abroad studies will work equally well for you as an Indian kid too. Remember to keep your financial and domestic situations in mind when you start convincing your parents. Do not force them, persuade them. 

That is all from our side on how to convince parents for abroad studies. You can take these suggestions or develop your own unique methods to persuade your parents to let you study abroad. Remember to be positive and give your parents credit whatever method you use. They will realise that now is the time for you to leave the nest, study abroad, and develop an exciting profession if you make the appropriate arguments at the right time.

For any additional support, on how to convince Indian parents for abroad studies our learned Counsellors at Yocket would be more than happy to assist and guide you.


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