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7 Ways You Can Help Your Child in Selecting the Right Career Abroad

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If your child is interested in studying abroad or you wish for them to study abroad, finding the right pathway to lead to a successful career abroad can be tricky. Studying abroad comes with a lot of responsibilities too. However, as a parent we get your urge to guide your child in the best possible way. Thus, going through this blog might help you with some useful tips on how to help your child map their future abroad. 


Best Ways to Help Your Child Choose the Right Career Abroad 

According to IIE, almost 11% of the student population studies abroad and carries the aspiration to work abroad. However, in this competitive world, finding the right career might be a challenge. But here are 7 most effective ways you can help your child build a meaningful career abroad without stress: 


  • List Down Interests

Your child might be specifically interested in one or the other field. But, you can use your observational skills and check out what makes your child happy. Take quick notes about all the skills they show their interests in or are good at. Research about how it can be pursued best abroad. You can also ask your child to be specific about their interests.

Most importantly, to study any course abroad consult a study abroad specialist. An expert will be able to guide you thoroughly with all the information and options you require. By initiating a conversation with your child and others, you will get one step closer to your child’s destination. 


  • Test Your Child’s Skillset

Assessing your child will help you understand them and their interests better. So, here’s what you can do, give your children tasks or raise curiosity in areas you think they are interested in. This way you initiate a dialogue of interest with your child. For example, you might go - “Rahul, you keep watching plane videos all day, could you tell me how an engine works?”. If your child is really interested in resolving your curiosity, you can take the hint! 

You can also opt for an aptitude assessment. The most important step here is to consider their performance in the same and support their interest. Continue such minor tasks, conversations and encourage them to explore courses abroad that would help them pursue their interests. 


  • Explore Prospective Careers And Jobs Abroad

You and your child have made up your mind to study abroad. But, have you asked your child to research thoroughly about the post-study market of various countries? Well, studying and pursuing a career abroad are two different things. Post-study, the economy of the chosen country most importantly should be able to justify the investment in studying abroad.  

Help your child with the resources and ideas to understand the job opportunities in their desired country. By dwelling on the economy and employment opportunities of the country, you and your child will be a step closer to a successful study abroad journey.


  • Talk To Experts

It is okay to not have answers to “Which country, university, and course suits your child the best?” Once you're determined, you can seek help from someone with the best knowledge of the field your child is interested in. Providing your children with an opportunity to talk to experienced resources would be one of the best assistance you can give your child. 

If not that, you can connect with international students abroad through the Yocket community. By talking to students who were probably in the same stage as your kid sometime back helps resolve many doubts. 


  • Communicate The Goal

Your vision and your child’s vision to pursue a career abroad might be different. They might just be excited about the destination. Whereas, you might have a  holistic perspective. This is why it becomes absolutely necessary for you to communicate the end goal of studying abroad. Give them multiple viewpoints and keep them informed about everything starting from the course to living by themselves. 

Ask them to list as many reasons as they can to study abroad. Filter the major ones. Try to make them understand so they take a mature and informed call. Encourage them to set long-term goals. Discuss at length the benefits of studying abroad and the type of career they can have. 


  • Get On the Same Page

Ask your child about their expectations of studying abroad. Make a detailed plan of those expectations and if those would be really met in the desired university and country. List down the challenges your child might face and have a thorough conversation about being prepared to tackle them. 

Take your child through the overall investment in pursuing a career abroad and the financial challenges. Participate with them in pre-planning the health assistance and security. Basically, support their decision and their career choices. 


  • Provide Them With Assistance 

It’s not a straight road to help your child choose the right career abroad. The rocky road might be exhausting for you as well as your child. To tackle this, allow them to have all the help they require at the moment. Give your child the freedom to connect with the correct resources who can help them fulfil their dreams.

Let them invest in qualified professionals to help them. Multiple steps like University shortlisting, financial guidance, visa risks, and profile building would require a lot of technical guidance. And understanding the desired university as well as the country is essential. For all of these, you can allow your children to connect with qualified agencies like Yocket Premium

Deciding on a career is definitely not a one-time process. As a parent, you need to support your child physically, emotionally, socially, and not just financially. Thus, by taking steps mentioned above you will definitely help your child make the best out of their career. 


Frequently Asked Questions About Pursuing A Career Abroad

  1. Is pursuing a career abroad good for your child?

Ans: Yes, pursuing a career abroad would expose your child to an unlimited number of opportunities and an international experience of their expertise. Another major reason is that a career abroad comes with a high employment rate.


  1. Which career is best to go abroad?

Ans: There is no best or worst career to pursue abroad. However, the most sought-after professions abroad are Teaching, Healthcare, Business, Technology, Hospitality, and Agriculture.


  1. How much can you earn abroad?

Ans: Pursuing a career abroad can pay you higher than your home country. On average, people working abroad make around $5,590 per month.

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