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German Grading System to GPA Converter Table & Formula

Rohan Deshmukh

If you are a study-abroad applicant, you surely know what the grade point average is. However, did you know that Germany has a slightly different GPA system?

Knowing how German universities grade assignments is crucial to studying there. While other nations, including the USA, Germany, and others, use a GPA system, we in India mostly use a percentage system for grading. Students frequently wonder what grade they need to acquire to take advantage of all the fantastic opportunities that are waiting for them in a foreign nation.

As a result, we explain German academic grading to you in this blog and use a German GPA converter to compare the Indian percentage to the German GPA. So, to gain a complete understanding of the German grading system, continue reading until the conclusion.

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Understanding the German Grading Scheme 

Are you familiar with the term "Grade Point Average (GPA)"? Well, it is the foundation of the German GPA system. German universities grade students' academic performance using a point system of 1 to 6 (or 5). 6 represents poor performance, while 1 represents excellent performance.

German University Grading System (1-6)






Overall, very good









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Keep in mind that, depending on your university, the German grading system may change.

A 1 - 5 point grading system is another tool used by several German universities to assess students according to their academic achievement. The table below may be useful if you discover that your university employs the German GPA system, which has a point system ranging from 1 to 5.

German University Grading System (1-5)



1.0 - 1.5

Very good

1.6 - 2.5


2.6 - 3.5


3.6 - 4.0


4.1 - 5


As an Indian student studying in Germany, remember that your GPA will decrease the higher the percentage you receive in the Indian educational system. Thus, the German GPA system and the Indian percentage system have an inverse relationship.

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German Grade Conversion: German GPA Calculator

You may be required to provide your GPA while applying to German universities. For Indian students, this implies that you will need to convert the CGPA, or percentage, to German grades.

Check with your university's criteria, as there may be significant differences in the grading systems utilised in German universities. For instance, the Modified Bavarian Formula is utilised by numerous German colleges in their Grade Conversion Tool.

In Germany, the CGPA conversion formula is: 

x = German GPA

Nmax = the maximum grade in your grading system

Nmin = minimum grade in your grading system

Nd = percentage or CGPA that you have obtained

To convert your Indian percentage or Indian CGPA to a German GPA, follow this formula. Nevertheless, depending on your university's criteria, using an online German Grading System Calculator tool would be a simpler option.

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Indian CGPA to German GPA Table & Vice Versa

Would you like to get a sense of where you stand on the German grading system? Compare your grades to the table below. It presents a comparison between the Indian percentage and the German grading scheme:

German GPA Grades

Indian Percentage 


1.0 - 1.5


Sehr Gut (Very Good)

1.6 - 2.5


Gut (Good)

2.6 - 3.5


Befriedigent (Satisfactory)

3.6 - 4.0


Ausreichend (Sufficient)

4.1 - 5.0


Mangelhaft (Not sufficient)

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ECTS Grading System & German GPA

The European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System is referred to as ECTS. A single European grading system called ECTS was created to promote academic exchange between EU nations.

ECTS is a common grading system followed all over the EU. This is because the number of EU students who choose to study abroad elsewhere in Europe is high, and the interpretation of the national grading system often changes depending on the university.

Higher education institutions across all EU member states can readily evaluate and compare the academic results of their EU students thanks to the ECTS system. The relevant grades at the German university you wish to enroll in are not intended to be replaced by ECTS. It facilitates the evaluation of your academic credits even further.

ECTSs are not required. They may be used by the universities in full compliance with their grading guidelines. The following table serves as a GPA calculator for German universities by displaying grades from higher education in Germany together with their corresponding ECTS scores.

German Grade

ECTS Grade 

Grade Definition 

1 - 1.5


Sehr Gut (Very Good)

1.6 - 2.5


Gut (Good)

2.6 - 3.5


Befriedigend (Satisfying)

3.6 - 4.9


Ausreichend (Sufficient)

5.0 - 6.0


Nicht Ausreichend (Insufficient)

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Minimum GPA Grade Requirements for German Universities

Depending on the courses, universities, etc., different German universities may have different minimum grade requirements.

However, the minimum grade required for a middle-profile course is a GPA of 2.5, and a GPA of 1.5 for high-profile study programs and there are no specific requirements for low-profile courses.

To convert the grade to the German system, use the formula above, an online German GPA calculator, or a converter for the German grading system.

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From the Desk of Yocket

It's crucial to comprehend German academic grading, but it's also necessary to remember that your GPA isn't everything. Numerous variables, such as the caliber of your application and your enthusiasm and aptitude for the subject, are considered when granting admission to German institutions.

Nevertheless, having a strong GPA alongside the above-listed characteristics is unquestionably the cherry on top. Would you like to know more, or gain assistance with everything studying abroad? Speak with a Yocket Counselor today via a personalized one-on-one call!

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