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Yocket presents official Covid-19 updates for aspirants planning to study in United Kingdom. Keep checking this page for updates from Universities, Test Organisation, Consulates and Universal Institute. You may contribute any new updates you have in the comments which you’d like us to share! 

(Updated on Monday & Thursday by 11:00 IST)

19th July, 2021

England’s Covid restrictions ease.

     Prime Minister Boris Johnson has urged caution as most legal restrictions on social contact are lifted in England.

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15th July, 2021 

UK to ease compulsory Covid-19 self-isolation rules for fully vaccinated from Aug 16.

     The UK government announced that from August 16, fully vaccinated people in England will not have to undergo a 10-day compulsory self-isolation if a close contact tests positive for Covid-19.

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12th July, 2021

UK plans to lift restrictions on July 19, 2021.

     UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson earlier confirmed that the UK is planning to lift all COVID-related restrictions on July 19, 2021.

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8th July, 2021

Germany relaxes curbs on travelers from the UK.

     Germany’s public health institute said that the UK is no longer considered as a variant of concern and plans to lift the ban from the United Kingdom.

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5th July, 2021

UK to ease lockdown soon. 

     British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to announce a further relaxation in coronavirus restrictions in England later on Monday, despite a surge in daily cases linked to the Delta variant.

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1st July, 2021

UK confident of removing Covid-19 restrictions by July 19, 2021.

     Health Secretary of the UK states that 'the country is heading in the right direction' and the authorities might be able to remove Covid-19 restrictions by July 19, 2021.

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28th June, 2021

Delta variant forces a new lockdown.

     The rising cases of Delta variant across Europe have led to a Covid-19 lockdown in order to prevent this spread from affecting large populations across Europe. 

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24th June, 2021

UK to possibly ease Covid-19 restrictions soon.

     British Health Minister Matt Hancock said the current Covid-19 data implies that England’s lockdown due to Covid-19 Delta Variant may fully end on July 19, 2021 as planned.

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21st June, 2021

UK post-study visa deadline to be extended.

     Under the application requirements, students undertaking their courses long-distance given the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions were expected to be present in the UK by June 21, 2021. However, for those who couldn’t make it, the authorities have extended the deadline to September 27, 2021.

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17th June, 2021

UK records highest Covid cases since February.

     The UK reports highest Covid-19 cases since February mostly due to the spread of the Delta variant of Covid-19. This week, the UK delayed plans to lift most remaining Covid-19 restrictions by a month.

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16th June, 2021

UK to reduce vaccination gap.

     The UK authorities plan to reduce the gap between the two doses of vaccination from 12 weeks to 8 weeks.

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15th June, 2021

UK releases Covid guidelines for the extended lockdown. 

     As the UK Prime Minister announces an extension of 4 weeks the UK authorities have rolled out a detailed guideline for the same.

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14th June, 2021

UK considers upto 4 - weeks delay in the reopening. 

     The authorities suggest that the reopening once scheduled on June 21, 2021 will face a delay of 4 weeks due to the Delta Variant Covid-19.

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11th June, 2021

UK records highest Covid cases since February.

     The spread of Delta Variant of Covid-19 sky-rocket leading the authorities to go for strict Covid-19 restrictions. UK authorities are trying for a rapid rollout of vaccines hoping it will break the link of the spread and deaths.

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10th June, 2021

UK on Delta Variant of Covid-19.

    British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a delay in the reopening due to the spread of the highly transmissible & contagious Delta Variant of Covid-19. The reopening date will no longer be June 21, 2021. 

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9th June, 2021

India detects new Covid-19 variant from Brazil & UK. 

     The authorities recorded the new Covid-19 variant. The authorities state that this variant was sampled from UK & Brazil returnees. 

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8th June, 2021

UK & US airlines urge lifting travel restrictions.

     As the summer vacations approach, US & UK airlines lookout for the travel restrictions to be lowered. 

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7th June, 2021

UK to end planned lockdown. 

     Even though the Covid-19 situation in the UK is escalating with more than 6000 Covid cases recorded in a day, the UK government is looking for options to get around the planned lockdown. 

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4th June, 2021

Indian Variant to dominate the Covid-19 situation in the UK.

     A much more contagious variant of Covid-19 has been the cause of rapidly increasing cases in the UK. The authorities are planning to have strict restrictions for international travelers. 

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3rd June, 2021

UK likely to have strict restrictions against international travel.

     UK authorities are likely to keep tight limits for international travel due to the rise in Covid-19 situation and high chances of a third wave. 

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2nd June, 2021

UK in early stages of 3rd wave of Covid-19.

Authorities have recorded 3000 new cases of Covid-19 causing the government to reconsider strict lockdown & other Covid restrictions.

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Important Update:

The Supreme Court announces suspension of Grade 12 CBSE board final examination.

1st June, 2021

UK Covid-19 Vaccination passport plan to be dismissed.

     The UK authorities plan to drop Covid-19 Vaccination Passport as a legal requirement for large events.

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Important Update:

     The Supreme Court on Monday has adjourned its final decision to Thursday, on the plea filed for cancellation of CBSE & ICSE class 12 exams. The Supreme Court should return with a final decision in the next two days.  

31st May, 2021

 UK discovers a hybrid version of Covid. 

     The authorities detect a new hybrid version of Covid in Vietnam. This variant turns out to be airborne. The authorities plan to extend the ban on all travel from India & other ‘high-risk’ countries. 

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29th May, 2021

Maharashtra government to arrange walk-in vaccination for international students. 

     The Maharashtra government has initiated a vaccination program for international students who have received confirmation of admissions in universities abroad and require vaccines for the same. The walk-in program will be effective from 31st May, 2021 to 2nd June, 2021. 

Vaccination Centres: 

  • Rajawadi 

  • Cooper

  • Kasturba

Requirements to get vaccinated:

  • 1- 20 or DS - 160 form

  • Verified confirmed letter to the university

  • Personal ID documents 

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28th May, 2021 

Covid-19 hot-spots to be expanded. 

     According to the current circumstances and spread of  ‘Indian Variant’ Covid-19, the UK authorities plan to work on expansion of Covid-19 hot-spots. This will assist to recognize areas with high demand for vaccination and attention. The UK government continues to restrict travelers from India. 

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27th May, 2021 

UK is ‘not imposing a local lockdown’.

     Last Friday, the UK government issued a guidance online which suggested eight areas which needed to be restricted. However, the government has withdrawn that guidance leaving most of the residents in confusion.

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26th May, 2021 

England sees a possibility of putting the reopening on hold. 

     The reopening from the lockdown due to Covid-19 has a slight possibility of being paused for a while as the ‘Indian Variant’ is extremely transmissible. Even though the vaccines have been able to fight against the same, the gap between the two doses can turn out to be dangerous.

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25th May, 2021

     The KING’S College London has published a complete guidance about Covid-19 program, listing out safety measures & vaccination camps set-up in the university. The university plans to advance with robust actions against Covid-19 by implementing Covid-19 restrictions.

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24th May, 2021

UK records high rise in Covid cases.

     The Covid-19 cases in the UK has doubled with more than 2000+ ‘Indian Variant’ Covid cases recorded in the past week. Authorities at high-alert, plan to keep India in the ‘red list’ countries.

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21st May, 2021

UK to review it’s ‘ban-list’. 

     The United Kingdom will be reviewing its traffic light system which includes countries listed on the red list on June 28. Further reviews will also take place on July 31 and October 1.

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20th May, 2021

UK’s increasing confidence on vaccines over Covid-19.

     UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson says that vaccines might be effective against the strain of Indian Variant of Covid-19. The reopening remains as planned however, hot-spots might face lockdown.

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19th May, 2021 

Indian variant of Covid-19 at a high rise in the UK. 

     The outbreak of Indian variant covid-19 might delay the reopening planned to take place in May/June. However, some parts of the UK with less number of Covid-19 cases are planning to ease the lockdown soon.

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18th May, 2021

Indian Variant turns out to be more transmissible in the UK.

     Even though the ‘B.1.617.2 Indian variant’ of Covid-19 has tripled the count of Covid-19 cases in the UK to 1,313 in the past week. The Prime MInister Boris Johnson insists to go ahead with the ease of Covid restrictions as planned. However, international travel restrictions still remain in place. 

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17th May, 2021

Vaccination process to speed up; lockdown still in place. 

     UK Health Government warned that the ‘Indian variant’ of Covid-19 is more transmissible and plans to speed-up the vaccinations process in-order to safeguard the citizens from hospitalization and severe illness.

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14th May, 2021

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson informs about the rising cases of the new variant. 

     First identified in India, the new variant of Covid-19 will pose a potentially lethal danger according to the UK Health Authorities. The rising number of cases in parts of England turns out to be a matter of concern and The Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirms that Health Authorities are looking for all possible solutions. 

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13th May, 2021 

Latest reports expect a third wave this summer in the UK.

     Although the third wave is expected to be much smaller than the first & second wave, we can still expect strict regulations. Scientists also warn that new variants of concern are potential to have effects much larger than expected depending upon how they spread.

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12th May, 2021 

UK on alert-level 3 from level 4. 

     The UK Health Chiefs on monday agreed to lower the alert level from ‘rising exponentially’ (level 4) to ‘general circulation’ (level 3). This indicates that the Covid-19 cases are no more increasing at greater rates. 

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11th May, 2021

UK lists out exceptions for ‘Red-List’ countries. 

     The UK government suggests that permanent residents, citizens or for those who have some form of clearance including biometric residence permit/entry clearance visa that grants entry in the United Kingdom as students, workers, etc. (Excluding visit visas)

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10th May, 2021 

UK adds more countries to the ‘Red List’ travel ban.

     The UK government categorized three countries under the ‘Red List’ travel ban. However, 12 countries have been authorized by the government to make it into their green list which will allow travelers to travel to the UK. 

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7th May, 2021 

UK government plans on easing level-5 restrictions.

     The UK government has returned with a phased plan for easing level-5 restrictions for the current Covid crisis. This will also include an access to libraries for students. The phased plan is already in effect from May 4, 2021 followed by other approaching dates.  

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6th May, 2021

UK universities commit to student’s safety.

     The UK universities have adapted to Covid-19 and commit to keeping student’s safety on top priority. The universities are willing to provide airport pick-up, helplines 24/7, facilitating with free counsellors and mental health support for international students. 

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5th May, 2021 

UK might accept fully vaccinated citizens.

     EU suggests all European countries to allow fully vaccinated citizens into the country if they originate from a low-risk country. However, the chances of acceptance still remain low. 

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4th May, 2021

UK government suggests it is illegal to travel abroad from the UK.

     The UK government notifies that it is illegal for any citizen to leave the country due to Covid-19 spread. However, emergency exemptions may be considered. 

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3rd May, 2021 

“International students will be supported to return in time to take part in in-person teaching.” - University Of Oxford.

     The University Of Oxford will be extending complete support for international students. However, ‘Red-list’ countries will have travel restrictions with strict Covid-19 tests and vaccination.

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30th April, 2021

Universities in the UK confirm that students can not return to in-person class until May 17, 2021. 

     Due to the spread of Covid-19 internationally, universities in the UK decided to put a halt to in-person classes until May 27, 2021. The authorities also state that there might be an extension to the same.

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29th April, 2021

GRE &  TOEFL Test will continue to be available for At Home Tests.

     Even though several centres are opening up for tests, Educational Testing Service will still have At Home Test as an option to the aspirants as of now, considering differences in local situation.

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28th April, 2021

UK Immigration & Visa Fee Remains Unchanged for 2021

     UK Immigration & Visa solicitors decided to let the Visa & Immigration Interview costs remain unchanged for the third consecutive year. After a significant raise in the year 2018, the officials suggest that there can be several ‘unknown’ costs in the application and immigration process for the year 2021.

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27th April, 2021

India added on the ‘Red-List’ Travel Ban by the UK Government

     UK health secretary Matt Hancock explains that UK government’s decision on adding India to the ‘Red List’ for travel ban was “difficult but a vital decision”. UK/Irish citizens will be permitted with a minimum 10-day quarantine. However, Indian students studying in the UK might be permitted and citizens with job exemptions with a 10-day quarantine costing upto £2000. 

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