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Cost of Studying MBBS in China: Know China MBBS Fees in 2024

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Besides a neighbouring country, China is home to a number of international students looking to be medical professionals. The country has made a great impact in terms of its academics, with several medical colleges in China offering MBBS courses. Pursuing an MBBS degree in China is definitely a fantastic option for students as it is one of the countries where a number of medical students from India, Nepal, and Bangladesh among others, come to study. 

The cost of MBBS in China is not only reasonable but also comes with a number of advantages. It offers a low-cost medical education in comparison with various other study universities. The country has been growing because of the population of foreign students travelling to Chinese universities due to budget education that is high on research and development in the field of medical science. So keep reading this blog to get all the information regarding the costs of studying MBBS in China.

  Table of Contents

  1. Factors Influencing Overall Cost of Studying MBBS in China
  2. Pre Arrival Costs to Study MBBS in China
  3. Post Arrival Costs to Study MBBS in China
  4. Tuition Fees for Studying MBBS in China
  5. Cost of Living While Studying MBBS in China

Factors Influencing Overall Cost of Studying MBBS in China

For students who want to apply for an MBBS in China, they are required to make an estimate regarding the cost of MBBS in China. There are a number of factors which influence in the determination of China MBBS Fees. Apart from the medical institution's tuition fees, some of the factors that will play a major role include.

  • Pre-arrival costs include the university entrance exams, flight fares, medical insurance costs, student visa application fees, etc.
  • Post-arrival costs for a medical student in China include tuition fees of the university as well as the costs of living with some additional personal expenses.

Pre Arrival Costs to Study MBBS in China

Apart from the living costs and China MBBS Fees for Indian students, you will also have to make a proper plan for some pre-arrival costs of MBBS in China for Indian students. Here we discussed the fee structure of some pre-arrival things.

  • Entrance Exam
  • Flight Tickets
  • Medical Checkup
  • Student Visa Fees
  • Medical Insurance

Let's take brief insights on each one of them.

Entrance Exam

The majority of the admission examinations are administered by the medical institutions in which you are applying and it covers the courses such as English, physics, chemistry, and biology among others. However, the costs of entrance exams may vary from one university to another. 

Flight Tickets

The flight fares from India to China might vary based on the airline you are choosing. However, the average flight ticket should be around INR 22,753.

Medical Checkup

Most medical universities require international students with their health policies and programs before the date of your arrival. It is recommended that students must choose their own insurance coverage at the universities who are not offering any school sponsored plan. Along with the mbbs fees in china for indian students, the medical check up cost is around INR 650.

Student Visa Fees

The student visa costs for an international student in China might vary based on stay duration and the type of entry. On average, the student visa costs in China are between INR 12,000 to INR 16,700. This visa may be valid for the duration of the course for 1 years.

Medical Insurance

An international student studying at the MBBS universities in China will have to pay between INR 3,000 to INR 6,000 for a duration of six months to one year. This may vary depending upon the services chose.

These are some pre-arrival costs you have to include in China mbbs fees. Let's take a look at the post-arrival costs that are required in China mbbs fees for Indian students.

Best MBBS colleges in China for international students

Post Arrival Costs to Study MBBS in China

MBBS in China fees structure may also contain some post-arrival costs. Here we have listed some expenses that one has to add to their China MBBS fees.


Average Costs (in RMB)

Average Costs (in INR)

Monthly Rent



A Simple Supper



Internet Expense per month



Public Transportation Ticket per month



Electricity, Gas, and some other Utilities per month



Now that we know about the pre arrival and post arrival costs for an international student looking to study in China. Let's discuss the cost of studying an MBBS in China.

Tuition Fees for Studying MBBS in China

The mbbs fees in china for indian students is listed in the table below. Students can use this to get an estimate of the mbbs course fees in china of various medical institutions.


Annual Average Fees (RMB)

Annual Average Fees (INR)

Jilin University


3.76 Lakhs

Capital Medical University


6.27 Lakhs

Yangzhou University


3.42 Lakhs

Fudan University


8.55 Lakhs

Guangzhou Medical University


3.42 Lakhs

Harbin Medical University


3.42 Lakhs

Nantong Medical University


2.96 Lakhs

China Medical University


4.56 Lakhs

Qingdao University


3.42 Lakhs

Nanjing Medical University


3.87 Lakhs

Students can also look for some international scholarships at the university offering MBBS courses to get some assistance in limiting the costs.

Cost of Living While Studying MBBS in China

The living costs while pursuing an MBBS in China is quite low in comparison to the majority of the countries. The tuition fees and the staying costs are given in the list below. 


Average Monthly Costs (in RMB)

Average Monthly Costs (in INR)

Accommodation cost

995 - 2,656

11,350 - 30,299


100 - 300

1,140 - 3,422

Miscellaneous expenses

85 - 215

969 - 2,452

Scholarships to study MBBS in China

China as a study destination for mbbs studies is highly popular among the international students. The country provides a good quality of medical education at an affordable cost. The mbbs in china fees for an Indian student can range between INR 3 Lakhs that can go upto INR 7.5 Lakhs per year depending upon the university you choose. Also the living costs for an international student should stand between INR 15,000 to INR 32,000 per month. For further assistance regarding mbbs in china for indian students fees, you can connect with our Yocket Counsellors!


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