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Colleges Accepting TOEFL Score 110 to 120: List of Top Universities with 110-120 TOEFL Score Requirements

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Students who want to pursue higher education overseas must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language, or TOEFL. It is mainly given to assess a person's level of English comprehension. It is the most popular exam assessing English comprehension skills that students attempt.

Mostly, all institutions around the globe accept TOEFL assessment as a part of their admission process. Schools and universities use TOEFL scores for admissions because it focuses on how English is used in academic contexts. In this blog, we'll examine the various institutions for the 110–120 score range and talk about whether this score range is viable.

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Is Having a TOEFL Score of 110-120 Good Enough?

TOEFL exam pattern comprises four components and should be finished in a total of 4.5 hours. Each section receives a 30-point score. Reading, listening, speaking, and writing are the four components. A final, total score of 120 points is then calculated by adding these sectional scores together.    

After attempting all four sections the overall score you receive is out of 120. A score of 110 to 120 will make things easy for you. When you have a TOEFL score of 110 or higher, the leading universities notice you and welcome you with great enthusiasm. You have tons of college options with a score that high. So, fret not, and move forward.

List of Colleges Accepting 110-120 TOEFL Score

TOEFL exam is used as a standardized indicator for your English skills by the admissions board of a university to determine whether you are capable of handling the study load of a program in English. The majority of institutions have a cut-off score that the applicants must meet to be considered. These requirements differ from college to college, course to course, and sometimes even sectional requirements are set by colleges for various courses. Let us look at the various colleges that accept 110-120 TOEFL scores:


Score Range

University of Cambridge

110 and above

University of Oxford

110 and above

Calgary University

110 and above

University of Toronto (undergraduate)

110 and above

Sydney University of Technology

110 and above

Queens University

110 and above

St. John’s College

112 and above

Harvard University

Varies but 100+

With a score between 110 and 120, you can apply to many institutions all around the world. Your chances of being accepted into the college of your choice increase with a good score. To receive any advice or assistance, immediately sign up for Yocket Premium!


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