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Dear Parents, Board Exam Results Don’t Matter as Much You Think They Do!

Yocket Editorial Team

Despite being parents, many of you still would be are dreaded by board Exams. Be it class 10 or 12, the fear of exams followed by the terrifying result day has kept many students up at night, anxious or frightened. 

As parents, you are aware of Exam anxiety from your time as a student. It’s no different even today, many students find themselves under pressure to excel in their exams. However, as parents, you will definitely be concerned about your child’s board exam results. Despite being a supportive parent, the competition  might push you to believe that your child’s success is determined by their board results. But, is that the whole truth?

Right from our childhood, we are pushed to believe that to graduate from a good college, to succeed in our career, we need to score well in our board exams. This notion has so strongly been instilled in everyone’s minds that you, intentionally or unintentionally, tend to pass it on to your children. 

But, do you think board exam results are really that important? Let’s reassess and take a look at - What board exam marks can mean for your child’s successful future?   


Skills Speak, Marks Don’t 

As you see it, your child’s board exams are definitely important. Getting a high score is important to get an admission in the top universities. But, what after that? Do they really matter ahead of university? 

As a matter of fact, marks matter less. But, it is the skill, the calibre and the intellect that counts. So, as we see it, board exams are important. but, it doesn’t define your child’s calibre or talent and that’s something you must remember. Your child’s marks don’t display their intelligence.  

After a certain point in life, one has to move out of college and face the real world. The noise of your child’s board marks fades away in the rat race. No one has the time to ask your child or you about how much they scored on their boards or what colleges did they go to? What really matters is who they are as a person. 

The final verdict that impacts your child’s career is their skills, passion to learn, their style of work and knowledge. That’s what matters! 


If Not Marks. Then, What? 

In an education system where a student can excel in their exams by mugging up facts, it is challenging to distinguish between marks and aptitude. We as parents, focus on our child’s marks whereas we should really be focusing on the lessons they learn. In actuality, the knowledge they endure is the real deciding factor of their success.   

Elaborating this further, it means that your child’s success can’t be defined by their board scores. But, they are determined by your child’s knowledge, skill set and the right aptitude. If your child learns the skills required for a successful career. For instance, if they are good at team work, empathy, leadership etc. You can be sure, your child will succeed as an Entrepreneur or a successful Employee. So, as parents, aptitude is what you should keep a check on. 


Aptitude takes precedence over marks. 

So, if not the board exam marks. What should you really focus on, as parents? 


5 Important Things Parents Can Do For Their Child’s Successful Career

There are a number of things you can do as parents to support your child’s successful career. To help them add feathers on their academic hats here are things to do to ensure a good career for your ward: 


  1. Don’t pressurise your child for marks

Let them study, understand and learn. If you set an expectation or set a percentage bar, your children will focus on scoring rather than the lesson. Thus, mugging up the entire syllabus rather than the learning. So, help them understand not just digest the text book.  


  1. Encourage them to take aptitude tests 

Writing tests that highlight your child’s talents and sensibilities will help you gain better clarity about their interests and expertise. It is easier for your child to flourish in an area they are interested in. So, encourage them to take various aptitude tests to align their focus towards a desired course. 


  1. Have backups

Never stick to just one college or course. Discuss with your child and have backup options ready. This way your child will stay put since he/she has a number of options to look forward to. In case of a dilemma, seek professional assistance to decide on the type of career your child should pursue. 


  1. Build their resume

Competitions, awards, internships, exchange programs, certificates, job experience, and responsibilities - all of these add professional experience until marks are no longer relevant. So, encourage your child to build their CV with experiences rather than their board scores. 


  1. Don’t stress

There are a pool of good institutions out there. Board exam scores are not the end of the world. You can always have your child’s interest aligned to what they really want. Explore alternatives and talk to a counsellor to guide you. But, don’t stress yourself or your child. 


  1. Get expert advice 

Need help with making the right choice? At Yocket you can consult experienced counsellors  to help you make the right choice for your ward. Right from finding courses, winning scholarships, applying to suitable colleges, Yocket can help you with it all. Getting expert advice for your child’s career will help them land on the best universities across the world for a bright future.  

Talk to Yocket professionals to navigate your child’s journey to a brighter future. Study abroad experts can give you advice about the best suited courses for your child. With professional guidance, your kin can graduate from the top universities abroad. 

Remember, your support and motivation matter the most to your child. Make sure you are guiding them in the right direction. Don’t reprimand them for their failures, instead be there for them. A parent’s word of encouragement can take their child a long way. 

All The Best!

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