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I-20: Top Requirements for i-20 Form For International Students

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USA has always been a dream country for multiple international students. Multiple students apply to the top universities here due to the high educational standards and better university options. But before you can enroll in these universities, multiple backend work is required, such as obtaining an I-20. So, what is an I-20 letter?

Thus to help you understand this bit, this blog covers everything you need to know about the cost of I-20, what is an I-20 form used for, I-20 document requirements, any other related I-20 fees, and more. 

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What Is I-20?

Answering the most common question of what is I-20, Form I-20 is an official endorsement by universities that tells the U.S. government that you are eligible for F-1 Student Status. It certifies that:

  1. You meet all necessary admission requirements of the concerned university
  2. You will pursue a full-time study of a particular programme in the university
  3. You have demonstrated your financial capabilities fully to fund your education at the concerned college/university without having to work illegally.

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Why Do You Need An I-20?

Now that you’re aware of what is I-20 form, let’s understand why you need it in the first place. Here are five reasons for its use:

  1. To get your F-1 visa
  2. It can act as your academic and legal proof
  3. You need this form to get your social security number and to get your driving licence in the USA
  4. If you are leaving US and visiting other countries during the period of your stay in USA you need to carry an I-20
  5. It is necessary to reapply for Visa and re-enter USA

When To Get A New I-20?

Now that you’re aware of the reason what is I-20 form, you should also know when you should avail of a new form. This can only happen in case your previous form was stolen or destroyed, or lost. 

What Are The I-20 Fees?

The I-20 cost will be $200. However, it is suggested to continuously check the official website to understand what is the I-20 cost. 

What Are The I-20 Document Requirements?

Answering the next common question, what is I-20 document requirement? You need the below set of documents for I-20:

What Is The I-20 Application Process?

After learning what is the I-20 document requirement, let’s move towards learning the application process. 

Once a student is through with the admission process his personal details are fed into a U.S. government database called SEVIS. The SEVIS consecutively processes the information and generates an I-20. The I-20 thus obtained from the government database, is signed and stamped by the designated university official and sent out to the applicant. 

Your I-20 includes the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) assigned number that is crucial for applying for VISA. I-20 is a very important document and should be kept safely as one may require producing it at the port of entry to the US along with one's passport.

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Wrapping Up….

Here you have everything you need to know about I-20. Now that you’re aware of what is I-20 and the top requirements, it’s time to apply for the same. Once you have this cleared, you need to find the ideal university to pursue your education and career path. Thus to help you decide better, our Yocket counsellors are here to help. 


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