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Cheapest Cities in USA for International Students: Find Most Affordable Cities in US

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USA gets a huge amount of international students from around the world. The USA provides quality education and supports a unique curriculum. It supports an environment with multiple cultures and has many opportunities for international students who study in the US. The USA has always been a hub for attracting multiple students. The blogs present comprehensive information on the cheapest cities in USA for international students.

Cheapest States for International Students in USA

Though the USA is a great option for international students it still is a very expensive option for them. The USA education system is exceptional, but it can be very costly for many students. That’s why students tend to look for cheap states in the USA where they can pursue their education.

1. Wyoming

Wyoming is a state having mountainous terrain. It is known to be a very cost-effective state in the US for students from abroad. Many reports have stated that Wyoming gets a record 1,200 international students. Wyoming offers education and living facilities that are the least expensive.

2. Indiana

Indiana is one of the top states in affordability in the USA. Indiana is a small state, but it has more than 20 private universities. The universities in Indiana are known for their high-quality education that cost very low.

3. Missouri

It is another that is popular among international students. This state was given the nickname of the show-me state in the year 1899. Many students apply to their preferred universities in Missouri every year, as the state provides them with a fresh atmosphere.

4. Alabama

Alabama is known for its affordability in terms of study costs and living costs in the US. It is popular among students from abroad. Alabama is friendly, historical, and religious. It also gives out a southern charm that attracts many students. Checkout best universities in Alabama

5. Kansas

Kansas follows certain values that the students also respect and follow. Kansas is a midwestern state. It is suburban and very friendly. Kansas has many prestigious universities. It also houses affordable public colleges and career career-oriented institutions that provide diverse courses to the students.


Affordable Cities in the USA for International Students

Listed below are most affordable cities in USA for international students:

1. San Diego

This city has lower tuition fees and is very affordable from the point of living. It is said to be one of the cheapest cities for students to live in. Students can get a relaxing atmosphere in this city and can indulge in a lot of fun activities along with tasting amazing Mexican food. This city stands at 76th rank among the world's best student cities.

Top universities in San Diego

Average tuition fee

12,23,738.95 (INR)

Cost of living in San Diego

1,10,733 -1,89,828 (INR) /month

2. Baltimore

Baltimore is known to be the city of charm. The city is home to very beautiful monuments which makes it a great attraction for students from abroad. This city houses the second-largest seaport in the country. The quality of education is amazing. It ranks number 5 in the list of top 10 best student cities in the US.

Top universities in Baltimore

Average tuition fee

17,00,542.50 (INR)

Cost of living in Baltimore

87,004.50 - 1,58,190.00 (INR) /month

3. Atlanta

Atlanta is an affordable city for many students and it ranks 57 on the  world's best student city ranking list. More than 17,000 international students come to study in Atlanta every year. There are many placement opportunities for students in the city in major organizations like CNN, Mercedes-Benz, Coca-Cola, etc.

Top universities in Atlanta

Average tuition fee

21,43,474.50 (INR)

Cost of living in Atlanta

94,914 - 1,74,009 (INR) /month

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4. Philadelphia

This city is also known as a university city. It is also the city with the second-largest number of universities in the country. It ranks at number 8 in the best student city ranking list. Philadelphia is known to be the first world heritage city, so students will have the option to explore many historical places to enjoy.

Top universities in Philadelphia

Average tuition fee

23,64,940.50 (INR)

Cost of living in Philadelphia

63,276 - 1,02,823 (INR) /month

5. Houston

Houston is said to be the fourth largest city in the US. The city is among the cheapest cities and attracts many international students from around the world. Houston is known to be a Space city as it houses the NASA Space Centre. This very thing makes the city a great option to study courses like Engineering, Astrophysics, Physics, and high-level Mathematics.

Top universities in Houston

Average tuition fee

23,57,031 (INR)

Cost of living in Houston

79,095 - 1,58,190 (INR) /month

6. Chicago

This city is also known as the “Jewel of the Midwest”. Chicago gives the people living there a very metropolitan vibe with costs that are lower than costs in many other cities in the US. The city stands as one of the top 10 student cities for many students. This city is said to be one of the most popular cities among Indian students in the US.

Top universities in Chicago

Average tuition fee

24,36,126 (INR)

Cost of living in Chicago

1,02,823.50 - 1,97,737.50 (INR) /month

Having to study in the USA generates a lot of opportunities for many students. International students can have the opportunity to receive a good quality education in the States, and can also experience American culture. One of the difficulties that many international students go through when they have to decide where to study is finding out affordable cities to study. For this, the students can access Yocket premium which will provide them with the necessary information along with other several benefits.

FAQs on Affordable States in USA for International Students

Ques. How can I know about studying options in the USA?

Ans. Students can contact or access yocket premium to know about studying opportunities and options in the USA.

Ques. How affordable is the cost of living in cities in the USA?

Ans. The cost of living in US in any city depends upon where the housing facilities are in the city. Many cities provide affordable studying facilities to students.

Ques. Which city houses the most international students in the US?

Ans. Houston attracts the most international students every year and is one of the affordable states for international students in USA.

Ques. Which city in the US is most popular among Indian students?

Ans. Chicago is the city that most Indian students choose when they decide to pursue their education in the US.

Ques.  Which city houses some of the best universities in the world?

Ans. Philadelphia is said to be the university hub in the US. Many universities in this city have higher ranks in the list of top universities in the world and is one of the affordable cities in USA for international students.

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