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Required application documents, Please upload the following documents as part of the online application:, , CV in German or English, Proof of the title and grade of the thesis of the first degree qualifying for the master’s degree. If no thesis is available for the first degree or no thesis was necessary, proof of title and grade of a written elaboration that was written in the first degree must be provided (certified copy, e.g. letter from the university attended, transcript of records)., Detailed documentation of the examination and study achievements (with grading and ECTS credits) in the course qualifying for admission to the Master’s degree (certified copy of the original in German or English or certified translation into German or English)., Proof of a successful academic degree (minimum grade “good” or equivalent), provided that the diploma is available at the application deadline (certified copy of the original and certified translation into German or English). If no diploma can be submitted by the end of the application period, the probable achievement of the admission requirements must be proven by means of the provisional overall grade given by the respective university. In this case, the application for admission must be accompanied by a certificate of the preliminary overall grade with an overview of the examinations and ECTS credits acquired, as well as a declaration by the applicant about the examinations that are still outstanding., Original or certified copy as proof of proficiency in the English language., Presentation of the previous career on one or two pages in English and taking into account the details of the professional goal., Applicants from China and Vietnam: APS certificate from the German embassy in the respective home country (original), Proof of academic and professional achievements, ie relevant professional training, practical activities, sports pedagogical commitment, research activities and research stays in other institutions (certified copy) for the sports science subject., Proof of sporting achievements (participation in competitions, appointment to cadres and selection teams).,

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