Bachelor of Economics in Economics is one of the most favoured degree programs undertaken by students from the The University of British Columbia, Vancouver. The reason for the popularity of this degree course is that it has consistently ranked on reputed global educational platforms.

The course is designed to give fundamental and advanced knowledge in the Economics. International students enrolled in a BS Degree in Economics at the The University of British Columbia, Vancouver experience quality education and comprehensive hands-on practical learning.

The qualified teachers, high-end classrooms, interactive curriculum, cost-effective tuition fees and merit-based scholarships offer students the opportunity to develop holistically. Overall, graduating with a BS Degree in Economics at The University of British Columbia, Vancouver will make students job ready.

Why Study Economics at The University of British Columbia, Vancouver

  • Most preferred by international students
  • Provides enough hands-on learning experience
  • Study in high-end classrooms from experienced teachers
  • An array of internship and work opportunities all customised after course completion to prepare the students for the real world

Course Highlights

Official website

link to course page

Annual tuition fees annual tution fees info

CA$44,940 / year

Total tuition fees total tution fees info

CA$1,79,760 / 48 months

interest rates
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Test Score Requirements test score requirement

Minimum english score required







Application Pre-requisites application pre requisite

  • Online Application
  • Application Fee
  • Transcripts
  • English Language Proficiency



  • Economics Students Association: The UBC Economics Students Association is the home organization of Economics students at UBC and other students interested in the field. It prioritizes in member care and development and assists in the academic, extracurricular, and personal growth of each member.
  • Go Globa:l to explore world economic issues from a new vantage point, learn about different schools of economic thought in context, and reflect on domestic affairs with an international perspective.
  • Arts Internship Program: Build a career while you are studying through part-time, unpaid internships designed with Economics students in mind. Exciting internships are being created at non-profits and social service organizations
  • Ten Thousand Coffees: platform to find a mentor or meet with classmates. Connect with peers based on your interests to share ideas, insights, and advice over a cup of coffee.


  • Economic Development Officer
  • Financial Analyst
  • Internal Bank Auditor
  • Real Estate Development/Analyst
  • Accountant/Auditor
  • Compensation and Benefits Co-ordinator
  • Money Market Manager
  • Demographer/Pollster
  • Bank Examiner/Trust Officer
  • Business Forecaster
  • Health Plan Administrator
  • Financial Reporter
  • Loan/Mortgage Officer
  • Pension Plan Administrator
  • Statistician/Sports Statistician
  • Information Systems Manager
  • Computer Programmer
  • Purchasing Agent
  • College Admissions/Financial Officer
  • Telecommunications Analyst
  • Labour Relations Researcher
  • Controller
  • Insurance Sales
  • Pricing/Retail Analyst
  • Health Economist
  • Senior Budget Advisor
  • Land Development Associate
  • Policy Advisor/Analyst
  • Municipal Affairs Specialist
  • Investment Analyst
  • Appraisal & Taxation Assistant
  • Sales and Inventory Analyst
  • Tax Policy Analyst
  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Economic Analyst