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Wilder Leadership Scholarship

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Merit Based


The University of Rochester awards merit-based scholarships to first-year and transfer students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement and potential, regardless of financial circumstances. Merit scholarship amounts range from 2,000 per year to full tuition. All admitted undergraduate applicants to the College are considered for merit scholarships. Merit scholarships are awarded to students during the admission process and renewed annually if satisfactory academic performance and full-time status are maintained. Students are eligible to receive only one scholarship.

Scholarship Requirements:

  • This scholarship recognizes students who demonstrate academic excellence (rigor, grades) and extracurricular achievement.
  • Recipients of this scholarship must have demonstrated continued leadership in at least one of the following areas: clubs, scouts, student government, community service.
  • These students have the potential to make strong, unique contributions to Rochester student life.

How To Apply:

No Seperate Application