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George Pepperdine Achievement Award

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Merit Based
January 15, 2021


The George Pepperdine Achievement Award is a merit scholarship awarded to students that qualify at the time of admission. This scholarship is renewable for up to four years at Pepperdine, and the scholarship amount remains the same from year to year. For those students who apply and qualify for need-based financial assistance, the merit scholarship will become part of the financial assistance package, coordinated with other awards. These scholarships can only apply to tuition charges, and they will be prorated if the student drops below full-time status (12-18 units).

Scholarship Requirements:

This scholarship is awarded to students who display academic achievement and overall strength as an applicant but were not eligible for a Regents' Scholars Program scholarship or Pepperdine Grant. Students must maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA and Satisfactory Academic Progress to continue receiving this scholarship each semester.

How To Apply:

No Separate Application


Early Action Deadline: Novemeber 1

Regular Decision Deadline: January 15

Spring Deadline: October 1