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Dean's Excellence Scholarship for New Incoming Students

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The Dean's Excellence scholarship is awarded to new incoming graduate students at JSOM that have demonstrated academic excellence. Award: $1,000 (one-time) tuition credit during scholarship award period.

Scholarship Requirements: 

  • Applicants may be U.S citizens, permanent residents or international students.
  • Applicants cannot be a current or former graduate student of JSOM.
  • Applicants must have demonstrated academic excellence as evidenced by their GMAT or GRE, TOEFL or IELTS score and undergraduate cumulative GPA.
  • While Office of Admission and Enrollment accepts unofficial scores (such as GMAT and GRE) and in some cases the score may be waived for the purpose of admission, JSOM Graduate Scholarship Office does NOT waive any requirements (including GMAT and GRE) and it requires all new students to submit their official scores to UT Dallas, for the purpose of scholarship consideration. Scholarship applications for new students will not be considered unless the official scores are received electronically by UT Dallas, and are processed in the system before the scholarship application deadline.
  • To be considered, all new incoming applicants are required to be admitted to JSOM before the scholarship application deadline.
  •  Work experience is considered.
  • Applications are evaluated after an offer of admission has been extended by UT Dallas.
  • Applicants must maintain enrollment of at least 5 semester credit hours per semester during scholarship award period, excluding semesters of internship and degree completion.
  • The scholarship decisions are made periodically. If you have been admitted to our programs, you have applied for our scholarships, and have NOT yet received a decision on your application, it is likely that your application is not competitive. You may increase your competitiveness by improving criteria/factors in your admissions application. Generally speaking, the only variable that applicants are able to improve while waiting for scholarship decision is GMAT/GRE score.
  • If you decide to retake GMAT/GRE, you must ensure that your new official score is received and recorded in your file by UT Dallas, before the deadline of scholarship application. Please be advised, submitting a new score does NOT guarantee that you will be awarded a scholarship.

How To Apply: 

Application is required