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6 months ago

Which universities to go for?

Duolingo - 145 No GRE 10th CGPA - 9.2 12th Percentage - 93.6 BTech(CSE, 2022) CGPA - 6.5 Research Papers, publications - O Internships - 2 1. Mobile application development intern at a peer based, non-profit organization (1 Month) 2. Product Management intern at a B2B, SaaS company (4 Months) Preferred courses - MS CS, MS in AI/ML, MS SE, MS IT, MS DS(In this order) How do I improve my profile and improve my chances of getting into a good university? Please let me know my Dream, Target and Safe universities as well.

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Priyanka Josh

6 months ago

hello mehul u can check this uni out University of California, San Diego University of Southern California (USC) See more