Aadi Narang

3 months ago

Which is the best University for Computer Science in Canada?

I want to pursue AI in Canada for undergrad and have shortlisted UofT and McGill University. I wanted to know if there are any other good universities. #Canada #undergrads #ComputerScience #AI #UofT


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Agam -

a month ago

Uni of Alberta

Frank Maguire

2 months ago

Hi any WhatsApp link for Toronto University Please

Om Bhosle

3 months ago

mcgill, mcmaster, uni of toronto, uni of alberta


Arjun Aravind P M

3 months ago

There are several universities that are pretty well known in the world, apart from McGill and UofT. This includes UBC, U of Alberta, McMaster, Queen's Uni and more: https://yocket.com/universities?c_name=Canada&s_name=rank&s_order=asc&pc_name=Computer%20Science See more

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Mrinaal Arora

3 months ago

For University of Toronto You need to have a cumulative average of 93 + and For McGill overall averages should be greater than 95 or 96 See more

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