Varun Goel

a month ago

What are the GRE requirements for MS in CS at Ohio State University?

Preparing for GRE is difficult and extensive. So, can you please share what are the GRE requirements for MS in CS at Ohio State University? Please explain other details including important dates, documents needed, fees, and more! #MS #GRE


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Akriti Sharma Mentor_tag

a month ago

Hi Varun, Yes, GRE can be extensive and exhaustive to prepare for. The GRE scores of admitted students mentioned on the OSU website is : Quantitative score : 164 They lay more emphasis on on the quantitative section, so you can focus more on getting a good score in that section. Here are the application requirements : 1. A bachelor of science degree in electrical, computer engineering or re... See more


A D Mentor_tag

a month ago

Hi, Please consider adding your profile on yocket for a better response. For MS in CS at Ohio State University: GRE Not Required TOEFL (when required) 79 Internet, IELTS = 7.0 (INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS ONLY) Three recommendation letters must be submitted by the recommenders online a statement of purpose a curriculum vitae or resume no longer than two pages. TOEFL score (official score should be se... See more