Ashish Lotake

Ashish Lotake

10 days ago

Want to do MS in Computer Science after doing BE Mechanical.

I have done my “undergrad in mechanical” and one year “Diploma in Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence” from University of Hyderabad Undergrad 2021 — 8.32 CGAP Diploma 2022 — 81% One Paper Published IJRASET One international sport certificate One state level sport certificate Done few NGO work (still doing) 3 month internship (looking to do more) Doing more CS centric MOOCS GRE and IELTS — Yet to give I am targeting USA and GERMANY. Suggest me universities and What can I do more to improve my chances to get SCHOLARSHIPS and getting admitted in TOP COLLEGES. #Usa #Germany #computerScience #masters #ms #universityshortlisting #universitydecisions #universityselection #admissions #applicationprocess


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