Swathi Muralinathan

5 months ago

University Shortlisting for Fall 2022 - MS in CS.

#masters #seattle #USA #fall2022 #cs #gre #ms #bachelors Mentioned shortlisted universities below, Need more suggestions on shortlisting the Universities nearby Seattle. Profile : GRE - 313, Q - 170, V - 143 GPA - 6.79 - BTech in Information Technology IELTS - 6.5 Already Shortlisted Universities Northeastern University - Seattle George Washington University Seattle University Seattle Pacific University University of North Carolina at Charlotte SUNY Binghamton


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Surya Pratap

5 months ago

Northeastern requires min 7.5 in IELTS for CS

Osho Vora

5 months ago

You can use college finder tool to get a list of Universities based on your profile which will be categorised as safe, ambitious and moderate. You can use the college finder tool from here: https://yocket.com/college-finder See more