Mrinaal Arora

3 months ago

University Decisions 🤔

I got into New York University(CAS Courant for CS) , Arizona State University , University of Arizona , University of Cincinnati , University of Illinois Chicago , San Jose State University , Simon Fraser University , McGill University , North Carolina State University. I am thinking of finalizing Arizona State University because of program and the scholarship they have offered me . Are there any other things that I should consider . And if you too got into Arizona State University let's connect!


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Rd Dff

2 months ago

Hi, I have finalized ASU.Did you?

Anurita Gupta

3 months ago

Hi, so ive been trying to connect with you for a week. I want your guidance since u clearly are an outstanding candidate. Can you please reply? See more

Arjun Aravind P M

3 months ago

Hi Mrinaal, this is quite an impressive list of admits you have received! Congratulations!! Amongst all your options, ASU does seem like an affordable and top choice, and being right next o California, it is an amazing offer you have (with scholarship too!!) You can connect with others who have been admitted to ASU through this group link- See more