Anurag Parida

15 days ago

Three years bachelor's

I am planning to study BSc Biotechnology, but most of the colleges in India have a 3 years bachelor's. So if I complete the 3 years degree will that degree be valid in the US and UK? Or should I try to find colleges that have a four years bachelor's? Which one will be easier? Basically, I shall be joining my BSc Course this year and would like to know about the future opportunities before joining any college. #masters #act #applicationprocess #admissions #accomodation


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A D Mentor_tag

14 days ago

Hi, If you are still planning a bachelor's then I am assuming you are still in your 12th or have completed your 12th and would be starting 1st year. 3-year bachelor's degree is accepted at a very limited number of universities in the USA. It would be better for you to go for a 4-year bachelor's degree. The following article would give you a list of universities that currently accept a 3-year bach... See more

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