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2 months ago

Things to do as an MIS admit before joining your dream university!

What is an MIS Course All About?

Masters in Information Systems or MIS course is concerned with the study of establishing a relationship between people, technology, and the organization and handling most of the business-related operations like strategic decision making in a more efficient way. The main aim of MIS is to work towards making the customer’s experience more delightful by making innovative, technological changes in the working and operation of the company.

First of all, You can graduate from Harvard or Yale, but that still doesn’t guarantee you a job in the USA. Regardless of where we graduate from, we still have to get ourselves job-ready. If our skills and resume are on point, we will have the highest chance of success during the recruitment process.
Here are some tips which can help you while pursuing your masters and also help you in landing a job

- Design your own curriculum
Most MIS courses have specialization tracks like Data science, Product management, Business Intelligence, and so on. So choose your specialization well in advance and design your curriculum accordingly.
You have to register for courses by yourself, while doing that, keep in mind your end goals and career aspirations and most importantly, choose the subjects which excite you.

- Create your portfolio of projects
Remember Proof of work >> Any certification.
Hence, it is better if you can create multiple projects (which can be used in the industry) and add them to your portfolio. This portfolio goes a long way during your recruitment. For example, if you are opting for Data science, it is best if you have multiple Data science projects or notebooks saved in the github as your portfolio.

- Enhance Your Public Speaking Skills
Work on your public speaking skills with different audience formats: one-on-one, to a small group (2-10), and to a large group (10+). Master the art of speaking in public. Volunteer to speak in front of groups, whenever you can. Join the Toastmasters club, if you can.

- Perfect Your Writing Skills
Work on your writing skills. You’d be surprised how many of your peers have awesome ideas but cannot explain them in writing. Don’t be one of them.

- Volunteer in Your Community
Get involved in your community! Volunteer to help others. Start a group to help others. You could conduct seminars and raise the awareness of school kids on issues like drug abuse, sexual abuse, adolescent health, online privacy and safety, etc.
This is an opportunity to show that you have a viewpoint beyond your professional work. You can demonstrate your commitment towards social responsibility, your ability to take initiative and your organizational and leadership skills.

- Have an Active Online Presence
Whether you want to create your own YouTube channel, start your own blog or join a social networking site, use these media to promote your ideas and opinions on topics, and share knowledge with respect to your area of expertise. This will greatly enhance your chance of getting a job as it establishes your credibility.

That’s it folks! Hope this post helped you! Do prepare and research well before leaving for your masters degree. Following the above tips can easily give you an edge and make you stand out among the pool of applicants. Feel free to discuss in comments regarding any of your queries or suggestions. All the very best!

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Extremely insightful!! 👍🏻


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Hello sir can you give up tips for ms in cs for those who are coming from other branches like ece,eee,mech See more