Gopi Reddy

18 days ago

Suggest universities for ms in cs in us for fall 2023

Hi, I would like to request you to suggest universities for my profile
Cse -7.55 cgpa
1 year experance
Looking for universities in ms in cs

need to attend gre and toefl , please suggest scores that i need to score ..thank you

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Smoky Zz Mentor_tag

18 days ago

Hi Gopi I Suggest you to write gre as It's required by most colleges due to the competition for CSE has Peaked and lot of good prospects will be vying for it and you would loose out on the opportunities. Also you need to have GRE score to be eligible for scholarships in some and apply before priority deadline Colleges you can Apply with (GRE = 320+ & Toefl = 100+) - Ambitious 1. UTD 2. Buffalo ... See more