Ayyappa Hemanth

6 days ago

Suggest colleges and courses plz.

Hi people, I'm looking to join Jan 2022 in machine learning and related fields with the below profile. Please suggest some good colleges and courses. CGPA:8.62 GRE: 323 IELTS:7 Btech, CSE, 2021 passout. working as a associate software engineer for past 1yr in the field of cloud computing and infra architecture. #suggestions


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Siva Kesava Reddy

5 days ago

Stony brook University SUNY buffalo SUNY Albany Syracuse University Clarkson University University of Cincinnati Texas A & M University college station University of Houston Main campus Texas Texas tech University San jose State University San Diego State University California State University long beach California State University Fullerton Santa Clara University University of South Florida Flori... See more

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Sanika Udhoji Mentor_tag

5 days ago

Hi, You can check the following courses: 1) Computer Science: https://yocket.com/courses/masters-in-computer-science-abroad Some universities you can check for MS in CS: UT Dallas, Iowa State, University of Pittsburgh, UC Santa Barbara, IUB, UIC, UCR 2) Artificial Intelligence: Some universities you can check for MS in AI: Boston University, Northwestern University, SUNY Buffalo, SJSU, Illionoi... See more

Zeal Zeal

5 days ago

You can try for MS in CS and take suitable electives. Suny Buffalo, UIC, RUTGERS, NEU, NCSU, Indiana Bloomington, SJSU (requires WES), ASU, UTD, Stony Brook, UNCC See more