Happy Asiam

a month ago

Profile Review for MS CS in US Fall'24

CGPA : 9.6 ( 6th in the department) - Btech CSE Exp: Software Engineer; 2 years by 2024 (US MNC) Internship: Software Engineer; 2(6M + 2M at US MNC) GRE: 326 TOEFL: 113 Which universities do I have a chance with? And how can i improve my profile? #admissions


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Vijaya Lakshmi K Mentor_tag

a month ago

Hello Asiam, Here's a list of US universities you can look into for CS according to your profile- 1) University of Washington 2) Pennsylvania State University 3) University of California, Santa Barbara 4) Boston University 5) Ohio State University 6) Emory University Further, you can use the Yocket College finder tool - to get a personalized list of un... See more

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