Akash Goindi

23 days ago


Hey, I am really interested in san jose state university and university of texas at arlington for Computer Science program (MS). Should I be even applying to these 2 universities or will I just waste my money. Also, If i apply should I provide my GRE scores or will they back fire. Please help me out with this. Here’s my profile GRE: 293🤮 BTECH: 71/100 TOEFL: 97 Experience: 3+years as a fromtend developer Would be great if you suggest me some decent universy as per my profile.


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A D Mentor_tag

22 days ago

Hi, SJSU requires a compulsory GRE and the number of applicants for SJSU for MS CS or MS software engineering(SE) is too high. Unless you have a work experience of 5+ years, you cant get GRE waived off at SJSU. The average profile of admits at SJSU MS SE: Masters GRE 314 TOEFL 100 IELTS 8 SJSU MS CS is tougher to get in than MS SE. ... See more

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