Ashlesha Kanoje

6 months ago

Is GRE required for RWTH Aachen University?

Hi, anyone here planning to apply to RWTH Aachen University? Is GRE required for RWTH Aachen University? If yes then what should be the target score to get an admit? #Germany #gre

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Arjun Aravind

6 months ago

Hi! Most courses in RWTH Aachen Uni don't specify a GRE Requirement, but some of the minimum requirements that I have seen online state a requirement of Quants-160 and Verbal-145 and an AWA score of 3. This isn't a hard and fast score as it may not even be required for your department. You can learn more about the university and get a better idea of scores by joining the RWTH Aachen group for 20... See more