Shravani Medak

a month ago

I need a small help… emergency as i have my visa interview

I need a small help… i have completed my btech in the year 2016 since then i started working in a bank. I completed 5 yrs in the banking sector. Now i am planning to go for my higher education in the same biotechnology field… will that not be a problem to answer on my visa interview. Kindly let me know to to answer to convince the visa interviewer. Kindly help

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A D Mentor_tag

a month ago

Hi, No, it won't be a problem for the interview as long as you are able to justify why you selected a particular field for your master's. Visa interviews are extremely short duration(2 to 4 minutes), the next questions are based on the words you select in the previous answer. One of the explanations can be - maybe you worked in the biotech finance sector in the bank and that peaked your interest i... See more