Priyanka Kulkarni

16 days ago

How to increase GRE score from 310 to 320?

If anyone knows, please share tips on how one should increase their GRE score from 310 to 320? If anyone has a 320+ score in the GRE exam, could you please share your approach, some strategies and tips to improve the GRE score from 310 to 320? #gre

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A D Mentor_tag

15 days ago

Hi, 1. ETS official material - You will get to know the level of the exam 2. Manhattan prep 5 lb - Not necessary to solve everything 3. Magoosh portal - Online portal will tell you exactly the category of questions that you are good at and which ones you need to work on. This type of assessment helps a lot. 4. Barron's 5. kaplan 6. Princeton review Note - ... See more