Vijay Thakur

a month ago

Honest review on TAMUC?

So, I applied here only because it is cheap. I knew there is not much to offer because it is pretty average. Nonetheless, I submitted documents for the I-20 form. But I think it is a pretty crappy university because of my interactions with their software and international office. The program will cost me in total $34000. But does it worth it? #masters #tamuc #reviews

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Smoky Zz Mentor_tag

a month ago

Hi Vijay Definitely you won't get the environment and network you would get in a really good college like their main Campus at college station. If you have enough experience, you could just use the college as a ticket to land a job in states as you'll be left without much burden of finances or if you want a good college life like itseems from your question, You have to take a decision to apply to ... See more