Thiru Siddharth

2 months ago

Hello everyone! I need suggestions regarding universities in Canada and USA for computer science or AI. please help me.

I am from IIIT Bhopal (computer science) and i am willing to apply for USA and Canada in computer science or AI,
cgpa - 7.7
GRE- 320
toefl - 110
internships (overall 2 years of experience). - Wipro, University of Toronto, University of Michigan, MTE, Grroom, Ismile technologies
Research Papers: Two (Medium Level)
projects - 10 to 15 (industrial level as well as research)
#studyabroad #help #computerScience #universityshortlisting #GeorgiaTech #gre


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Ketan Patil Mentor_tag

2 months ago

Hi, Here are my suggestions in no particular order. Your profile is really good. I have added ambitious/reach, moderate and safe schools for your profile. GaTech, Ohio State, UMass Amhers, UC Santa Barbara, UMich Ann Arbor, UIUC MCS, UCSD, ASU, NYU Courant, Univ of Rochester, Suny Buffalo, Michigan Tech, Michigan State, Virginia Tech, IUB, Oregon State Univ, UCR, RIT, UCF, Rutgers, NCSU, UMCP, M... See more

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Yashu .. Mentor_tag

2 months ago

Hi You can go through the yocket free tool at You have to feed in your profile in 4 simple steps and tool predicts the colleges suitable for you based on your profile and categorizes them into three categories namely, safe, ambitious, target. I would suggest you to apply for atleast 2 colleges from each category based on course work, opportunities, locati... See more

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