Harsh Sharma

Harsh Sharma

2 months ago


Hi everyone,

I have received admits from George Washington University and the University of North Carolina-Charlotte for MSCS program. Can you guys please provide your feedback based on the below points(Also correct me if I deduced a wrong observation):

-GWU is a bit more expensive ($10K) than UNCC

-The classroom size at GWU is small and hence better interaction with teachers and a close-knit community

-I love doing outdoor activities, hence I believe DC might suit me better

-Internship opportunities for GWU might be more due to the location being DC

-For now, I have no scholarship for either but I read that the CS department is heavily funded at GWU

-Although it doesn't matter that much but ranking of the CS program at GWU > UNCC

Your thoughts will be much appreciated, thanks, and have a good day ahead.


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