Sagun Suryavanshi

4 months ago

Finalizing College

Hi everyone. Does it matter which university I graduate from?
I applied to Industrial engineering and got an admit from the following universities.
1. Tufts for Master of science in innovation and management
2. UC Santa Barbara for Master of Technology Management
3. GWU for Engineering Managment

I wish to go to UCSB as my relative lives in Palo Alto and also given the high number of companies there. But I'm aware that the ranking of this university is less compared to the Tufts. What should I do? Is it a wise decision to go to Santa Barbara? #admissions

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Ketan Patil

4 months ago

Hi Sagun, UC Santa Barbara has the location advantage however Tufts MS in Innovation and Management program is more prestigious. Its one of the best management programs out there with good industry recognition. So if you care about prestige and program rankings then Tufts is a better choice. GWU;s EM program is not popular compared to UCSB and Tufts. Tufts belongs to this group called MEMPC which... See more