Venkatesh S

Venkatesh S

12 days ago

Can you help me in finding universities for MS IN CS OR DS in USA

I am B.Sc graduate (15years of education) with 8.38 CGPA, 2021, currently working in one of the MNC, work experience is 11 months, IELTS SCORE IS 6.5(NO less than 6). GRE not taken,no intention to take GRE. Can you suggest me some universities which matches my profile and have chance to get admission for MS in DS OR CS for fall 23.


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Divyansh Rathi

11 days ago

Hi Venkatesh, you can check out some of these Universities (though, some of them might only be available for 2024). These Universities match your profile: University at Buffalo SUNY University of California, Santa Cruz Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Kansas State University NC A&T SU University of Alabama, Huntsville Northern Illinois University San Francisco State University See more

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