Siddhant Sharma

a year ago

Avanse Education Loan fraud practices #Students #MastersinUS #EducationLoan Don't take Loans from

Avanse Education Loan fraud practices #Students #MastersinUS #EducationLoan
Don't take Loans from Avanse Financial Services. Kindly read it properly to save yourself.
I, Siddhant Murari Sharma & my family have complied with all requirements demanded availing EDUCATION LOAN Account No being MUMEE00197881 but I & my family have been harassed at every step by the employees & company itself by false & misleading statements. Apart from that the company doesn’t really seem bothered about the RBI Laws & regulations or any laws of the land but to ensure all laws can be used only AGAINST the borrower. Wrongful use of Lien marking in TIE UP with AU Small Finance Bank i.e. exploiting legal loopholes along with withholding of information & related documents in order to just book the deal & charge hefty sums in the name of non-refundable processing fees & other charges but of non-intention of performing their services diligently. Damaging CIBIL Scores of the Responsible Borrowers. The Mahajan Company trains its employees to behave like GOONS & correct fully train them in methods like Coercion & Fraudulent practices who don’t believe in communication at all. This company’s mission is to provide NON-seamless & UN-affordable education financing for every deserving Indian Student since it won’t CLOSE the loan account in spite of offering one-time payment & but only to keep students in a DEBT TRAP.
Think 1000 times before taking a loan from them.


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