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Work and Internship Opportunities in Japan

Yocket Editorial Team

Japan abounds in diverse occupational opportunities. People from around the world have been known to flock to this part of the world in search of good job opportunities. Being technologically advanced and up-to-date, this country is a great option for both beginners and experienced professionals. In fact, Japan is also a good option for students to take internships to learn and upgrade their skills.

Below you will find all the right reasons to take up internship programs or employment opportunities in Japan. Here you go:

  • Tokyo, primarily, is the hub for work and internship opportunities. There are several multinational firms that operate in Tokyo looking to add professionals to their existing workforce. For an intern or young aspirant, working in these firms will prove to be a great learning and working experience, as they provide great exposure. Therefore, it is a very promising place where aspirants of business, marketing, and economics are sure to find terrific opportunities.

  • Aside from this, international relations, public administration, public relations, advertising, and journalism are some of the other realms where students can expect to find excellent internships and job placements in Japan.

  • Banking is another big and thriving sector in Japan, chiefly Tokyo, which can provide several learning opportunities to those who wish to become future banking professionals.

  • Apart from Tokyo, Kansai, Osaka, Hokkaido, and Kyoto are also known to provide ample quality internship opportunities to students and professionals.

  • While on one hand Osaka is known to be the economic powerhouse of Japan, another island named Okinawa may prove to be comparatively inexpensive for those who are trying to settle down. Since it is less expensive, you will be able to save more as you work and study.

  • One very crucial thing to note is that travelling is an easy business in Japan. In the case of Tokyo, the bullet trains and frequent buses make the life of commuters easy and the travel quick.


In case you are interested to take up internships in small non-profit organizations, you will find Japan more suitable than many other countries in the world.

Teaching is another profession in Japan that many consider as a good option for both part-time and full-time jobs. In case you desire to teach the English language in schools and other institutions, which also happen to be the primary profession of several expats, you need to qualify through entrance programs. Also, to achieve the same, you must acquire your student work permit.

Japan, over and above, is quite an expensive country to stay, but having said that, it must also be taken into account that travel and food can turn out to be quite cheaper compared to several other countries, such as the US and Europe.

It will be a wise decision to learn the Japanese language to make your stay more comfortable, as through the language you will be able to communicate efficiently and effectively. In that case, you may also consider pursuing language courses during your stay in Japan. It is important to remember that some certain internships or courses require the knowledge of the Japanese language.

Even though mostly internships come without any stipend, there are some that pay. As a result, it is also worth knowing that internships may require you to take up a secondary work to manage your everyday living expenses. Hence, as soon as you land in Japan, it will be better to start hunting for a part-time job.

For lodging, generally, homestays are preferred. But apartment lodging is also available for the interns in Japan. The people in Japan are very hospitable; as a result, staying there will not be a challenge.

The climate varies from one part of Japan to the other part. Hence, some lodgings while are without any air conditioning system or heating for that matter, others do have both. The northern part of Japan generally has humid weather during the summer months, while during the winter it freezes. It might also be important for you to know that you must go there mentally prepared that the place is prone to earthquakes. As a result, you must know how to handle the situation during such a crisis.

Japan is a brilliant place to stay and explore future employment opportunities. It is also a tourist-friendly place and is a country that is steeped in traditions and a sense of brotherhood. If you are willing to take up an internship program in Japan, it is important that you start your research now. You need to understand the visa procedure and the expenses that you will have to bear for the relocation as well as to bear your food and lodging during your stay there. Japan is also a great travel destination. Hence, if possible do try to explore its beauty during your period of stay. Wish you all the best!

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