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List of Universities Accepting SAT Scores of 1500 to 1600

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SAT score of 1500 ranks among the 95th percentile of all students who take the test. It is just 100 points away from the highest score which is 1600. 1500 is a score that has a higher chance of making it into the college a student applies to. It raises the competitive advantage of a student.

A student getting a score of 1500 to 1600 will have the highest chance of getting into elite institutions. One of the primary goals of getting a score of 1500 to 1600 is increasing the chances of eligibility for quality institutions. Scoring a perfect 1600 means that a student got all questions correct. 1600 is the highest score a student can achieve on the SAT exam. For a student to score a perfect 1600, they need to answer all the questions correctly.

In a  year, around 300 candidates score a perfect 1600, which makes them eligible for even the ivy league colleges. A score of 1600 ranks among the 99th percentile of all the students taking the test.

List of Universities and Colleges Accepting SAT score Between 1500 to 1600


Average SAT score


Harvard University


Cambridge, Massachusetts

Princeton University


Princeton, New Jersey

Stanford University


Stanford, California

Yale University


New Haven, Connecticut

Duke University


Durham, North Carolina

University of Chicago


Chicago, Illinois

Rice University


Houston, Texas

Brown University


Providence, Rhode Island

Dartmouth College


Hanover, New Hampshire

Amherst College


Amherst, Massachusetts

Northwestern University


Evanston, Illinois

Vanderbilt University


Nashville, Tennessee

A score between 1500 to 1600 is a good score. Whenever a student starts preparing for the SAT exam, they need to consider which colleges they want to apply to. They have to take into consideration the average SAT score that is eligible to get admission to the college they desire to enter. To know more about the good SAT scores and better ways of preparing for the exam, the students can subscribe to Yocket premium. It is a site that provides a great level of assistance to students who seek to pursue their higher education abroad.

FAQs About Universities accepting SAT scores of 1500 to 1600

Ques. Is a score of 1600 good on SAT?
Ans. When we are determining a good score, we consider all the factors. A score of 1600 makes the student a top candidate in getting admission to an institute of their choice.

Ques.  Which colleges accept a score of 1600 on SAT?

Ans. When a candidate scores 1600 on SAT, they are eligible to get admission to mostly all the top-ranking colleges and universities. Apart from getting admission in just top rankers, they are also eligible enough to enter the Ivy League universities.

Ques. Where does the score of 1500 to 1600 stand on the percentile ranking?

Ans. A score of 1500 to 1600 on SAT, gets a candidate under the top 95 to the top 99 in the percentile ranking.

Ques.  What ACT score is equal to an SAT score of 1600?

Ans. A score of 1600 on SAT is equal to a score of 36 on an ACT.

Ques. What are the scholarships that are offered to students who score between 1500 to 1600 on SAT?

Ans. When a student gets a score between 1500 to 1600 on SAT, they are eligible for scholarships that are given based on merit. Students can access yocket premium, where they can get additional information about the scholarships that are given based on SAT scores.

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