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Trump or Hillary? Whose leadership would do a favor to Indian students?

Yocket Editorial Team

May 2016 has been one of the most important month this year. The US finally realizes how decent Obama was and how they were experiencing Frank Underwood ‘House of Cards’ fame A.K.A Donald Trump knock down every opponent on his way to throne. The only better part is that he seemed little conscious about Republicans which Obama cared less of. Now this problem lies in U.S so why do we worry about it right? I agree you are curious what would Trump do if he commands the largest army in the world but you should be worried about your future if you are planning to study abroad.

With the Obama-Modi tie ups everyone was excited of the improved relationships between these two countries, in reality all students in India wanted Iphone at a cheaper price as it is in India, but, the problem is bigger than an Iphone and nobody expected Obama to be replaced this soon. Indian students have to worry about their future if they are planning to go there or are already there.

Trumps campaign has plotted just one thing throughout and that is the problem of immigrants in US. US is spending more on illegal immigrants than the defense budget of India and Germany combined. The problems of racism in US rises mainly because of this issue of immigration and Trump till date has not spoken of deporting Indians, Japanese or Chinese from US, his only concern is illegal immigrants for whom they are spending so much money unnecessarily. Students who go from Indian to US work on H1B visa and Trump has spoken of raising minimum wage of H1B visa which is  both good and bad as well, Good because they would get better payments and bad because US firms will prefer employers from their own country if they have to pay almost similar wages to both this in turn pushes back job opportunities for immigrants. To be frank, this doesn't apply to highly skilled jobs which pay much higher than minimum H1B requirement. However, this is a bad news for Indians seeking entry-level positions in IT sector. So if you do not belong to a special work force (PhD) it would become relatively more difficult to obtain H1B. But the month of May has gone long back and for now we can take comfort in the fact that Trump has very slim chances of becoming the President.

Hillary on the other hand has shown no interest in the immigration section and it is not incorporated in her campaign. She speaks of it only when Trump says something powerful about it. Let’s go long back to Nixon and Kennedy, their relationships with the Gandhi family have shown a great interest of US in Indians and economically nobody flourishes US more than what Indian labour do; because they are intelligent and come at a cheaper price that what they could afford in US. Hillary in fact has no interest in India and sometimes it makes us wonder if she really cares of them, but it can be a simply blankness of this topic in her. Maybe she doesn’t really care of how the economy goes but as the history teaches, it seems like that she will support the relationships with India in the best way possible. It’s just few hours left for the result and there seems to be no problem for Indian students here.

So, there is nothing to worry about as of now. You can check-in your apple website and fill in your cart with macs and iphones, eventually every American knows that you are there for Apple’s free iphone exchange program and then to study. Just kidding! So wait for the results and watch the news closely and you might find another good reason to study in US or you might have to shift your port to UK instead.

image credits:Donkeyhotey_2016

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