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Top cities for STEM jobs

Yocket Editorial Team

While you shortlist universities using Yocket's great Grad School Finder, one thing that you tend to think about is the closeness of your school to your potential field area jobs. Like if you are a software engineer, you would be checking if your dream school is in California, near Silicon Valley or near New York City. Mechanical MS aspirants try for universities in Illinois and Michigan- home of the some of the largest automobile firms. Petroleum engineers go down to the Lone Star State, Texas.

But just living in a state of opportunities is not going to help you. But, something else will: this blogpost from Yocket. Here, we will talk about some top cities, metropolis and megapolis which offer STEM jobs with lucrative salaries and awesome style-of-living.

We will talk about some of these areas, the best STEM jobs in these areas and the universities nearby from where the moment you graduate, you can bag a job that would cause your classmate shifting to Ph.D. to repent!


  • Denver-Aurora-Lakewood, Colorado

One of the top areas for STEM jobs in the Midwest. Think about it; you join an awesome school like University of Colorado at Denver or University of Colorado, Boulder and then get a top-notch job in a great city like Denver. Although some top jobs require a mining engineer profile, the prestigious Colorado School of Mines in the nearby Jefferson county solves  the problem. For you, joining any of these three universities can result in a great job. Other than mining, Lockheed Martin Corp., United Airlines, Kroger Co. and Xcel Energy are some MNCs that have their headquarters in Denver.


  • Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ann Arbor strikes chord with STEM graduates for many reasons. Firstly and probably, the most importantly, it has the famous University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, one of the top 10 schools for STEM. It also has a General Motors office and is the headquarters of Duo Security (one of the top two-factor authentication security provider) and Google’s AdWords program. Did someone say to you before that Ann Arbor is only good for mechanical and aerospace jobs? Well, they are so wrong.


  • San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward, California

This is the official name for the Mecca of software engineering and start-ups- the Silicon Valley! Graduate from some of the top universities in the world that are located nearby like San Jose State University, Stanford, or UC Berkeley and you might be trying to mediate about a bet regarding future prospects of AI between your once-role models Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg!


  • Boston-Cambridge-Newton, Massachusetts

University reputation affects the job prospects in a metropolis always; a nearby top school graduate cum laude is preferred over someone who topped class in someplace remote.  Allow me to clear your doubts about the job prospects here by stating the nearby universities: MIT and then just a hop, skip and jump away is Harvard University. In case you still need more proof add to that Northeastern University and University of Massachusetts, Boston. Graduates from the world’s top universities, here itself work in the metropolitan zone for companies like AMD, Bose Corporation, Cisco Systems, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Schneider Electric, Mathworks, Novartis...the list is as long as Mariana Trench.


  • Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, Washington

Imagine this: you graduate from University of Washington, ranked among the top 20 schools in the United States and then go for a job at one of the United States’s top metropolitan city Seattle. But you might ask, “Where am I working? What’s my major?!” If it was computer science, Cray Inc, Amazon, and Microsoft may be your office space. If you went to law school, you might be working in Lane Powell or Perkins Cole. If you majored in aerospace, you would be bragging to your friends that you work for Alaska Airlines or Aero Controls Inc. Or you could boast that you design video games at PopCap or work at T-Mobile.


  • Washington- Arlington-Alexandria, District of Columbia

What could be a nation’s biggest job market city other than the national capital region itself! Graduate from schools like George Washington University or Georgetown University and you will be boasting to your friends who studied in the East and West that you work for Cogent Communications or Telenet or WikiStrat Inc. or some other awesome company while they repent not choosing a university near the national capital region.


So these are the six top metropolitan areas where you might get your job in a Fortune 500 company while you also graduate from a state-of-the-art school. Two big arrows in your quiver and the world may be willing to bow at your feet.

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