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TOEFL Study Plan By Anisha

Tumul Buch

Cracked it finally! I managed a 117/120 (R28, L23, S29, W30) and am quite happy with that.

Here are few tips and study plan, but follow them at your own risk!

Don’t be too lazy to take the notes, train and encourage yourself for that.

Practice writing fast using a short hand that you are comfortable with.

For example, to write the word university, write it as ‘uni’ or ‘univ’, whichever you can understand easily without facing any trouble.


Reading: Personally, I feel it is best to read the whole passage and then noting down the important points before answering. This strategy worked for me, but it depends on fastness of reading, so you should see what works for you.

Listening: In this section, take notes during the lectures and conversations as well, in a neat and orderly way. Also, prepare yourself to write and listen simultaneously. You shouldn’t end up missing something which is said, while noting down. Practice is needed to avoid such situation.

Writing: Essay-structure is given more importance than grammar. Till the end, make sure that your thoughts are organized such that you don’t miss the flow anywhere in between. Typing speed is also important. Write fast so that you can concentrate more on the structure and size. Mine went well into 400-500 words. And finally, don’t forget to cover all the points.

Speaking: You will not get more time to speak, so practice more to speak in a calm, clear and crispy manner. You can learn from online videos which are available on YouTube. During my preparation, I stressed a lot on this section, so I’m not surprised to see a 29/30.

Hope my story helps you. All the best!

Thanks to Anisha for sharing her awesome experience.


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