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Timeline for applications for undergraduate students

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When should I start applying for undergraduate abroad? How to prepare to go the US for Undergraduation? What all do I need to apply for Bachelors abroad?? What process do I follow to apply to USA, Canada or UK?

So many questions!! Just one answer. This timeline!

image showing timeline of application process to apply for undergraduation abroad

Now, if you’re late to the timeline and do not have enough time to take your SAT, you can refer to our list of all U.S. universities that do not require SAT scores. You can also think of applying to other countries like UK, Canada, Australia, etc. However, it is very important that you at least take an english proficiency exam like IELTS/TOEFL. You can also look for universities whose regular decision deadline is still open  and take the SAT (if needed) in the month of October or December. However, keep in mind that it is absolutely necessary for you to concentrate on your 12th standard board exams as well. Those count a lot!

The CSS Profile is another means to help get scholarship.

You can refer to our earlier articles on Common App walkthrough and UCAS applications for more detailed information on the application processes on these two platforms.

The excel sheet that you have to maintain should include all details about the college and course you are applying to. Some important points can also be included, such as application deadline, documents needed, etc. It is important to know the application link. This is because, especially for US universities, there are multiple portals. For example, Common App is used as an application portal for almost 400 universities (including Harvard, Columbia, NYU, etc.), but all University of California (UC) universities have a different portal, and so do Texas universities. Make sure to note down the link in the excel sheet.

TOEFL and IELTS happen quite frequently throughout the year, almost every weekend. Dedicate at least a couple of weeks for preparation for these exams.

Whether you’re still in 9th standard, or just finishing 11th, know that there is always some form of help available on Yocket

P.S. IFF means ‘if and only if’ :P

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