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Increase in Student Visa Fees

Yocket Editorial Team

Inflation is a topic often talked about in our society. Inflation in petrol prices, market commodities, inflation in gold are some tea-time conversations in the country. However, inflation in visa fees is something generally unheard of. Today, Yocket will help you understand this hike and quash the surrounding rumours.


Which visa categories are we talking about?

The new hike I-901 SEVIS Fee applied to category-F (academic visa; the visa you get when you study in the United States) and category-M (non-academic, vocational-visa; you study in the United States not as part of an academic program but a vocational training program). This hike also applied to the category-J (exchange visitors) This hike will go into effect on June 24. Therefore, pay your SEVIS Fee before June 24.


What exactly is the hike?

Currently, you need to pay $200 as your visa fees. But from June 24 you will need to pay $ 350 as your visa fees. Regarding the J-visa, the fee is hiked from $180 to $220. This 75% rise and 150$ hike in the student visas is something that might disappoint some folks to aspire to study in the United States


Man, I scheduled my appointment. Do I need to pay $150 more?

NO! This hike is in effect from June 24. In case, you book your visa application before the D-day, you still have to pay $200 only. So, stop procrastinating and move ahead with the visa process to save $150.


Are universities gaining from this hike?

Not at all. To allow international students to study on campus, universities need to have the Student and Exchange Visitor Program(SEVP) certification from the Department of Homeland Security. The SEVP school certification petition fee has risen to $3000 from $1700.


Now, the big question which might be followed is:

Will this affect my admission prospects?

No. The SEVP fee is paid entirely from fees and not from a Congress (The public legislature of the United States, not the Indian party!) funding. So, admission rates will remain the same for universities. Although, there might be a small drop in the number of applicants due to the hike.

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