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Fall 2018- F1 Student Visa Experience: (Hyderabad Consulate | University of Houston | Computer & Systems Engineering- Approved)

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Profile Details:

University: University of Houston
Course: MS in Computer & Systems Engineering

Hyderabad Consulate
Date: May 2018
Status: Approved
Counter No: 13

Visa Interview Experience:

Rejected 2 visiting visas before me.
Took a deep breath and went for my turn.
I had a gap of one year(2017 passed out) so I was praying God from many days that VO shouldn't ask me that question as I was ideal jus waiting for my call letter, and preparing modules in the company's portal.
I have decide not to produce any fake course or intern certificates and answer for that one year gap question with a genuine reason.

ME: Good morning ma’am, with a smile
VO: Good morning.

VO: When did you passed out?
E: 2017 (Oh god, she asked this and next question I guessed and I was like)

VO: What did you do since then?
I just wanted to take a break before start studying and also explored different fields of my interest.

VO: Okay, which course? (I am happy that she didn't extended the same topic of one year gap)
E: Computer and systems engineering in University of Houston

VO: University of Houston?
Yes ma'am.

VO: Which specialisation?
VLSI design

VO: Why that?
VLSI domain has future scope in India and I also iam interested in that field so I choose it

VO: What is VLSI?
(Told abbreviation) Very large scale integration

VO: What exactly it mean?
VLSI means and told two sentences (I didn't exactly remember what exactly I told, sorry)

VO: What all other universities you applied for?
UNM, UNT, UMKC (Told abbreviated names)

VO: Why not UNM?
UNM is pretty good University, but it is having few courses related to VLSI, where UH is having 7courses related to VLSI so I choose it.

VO: GRE score?

VO: Btech?
We have grade point system and I got 8.16 on a scale of 10.

VO: What is your father?
He is a Automobile business man, truck dealer and he also sells auto parts.

VO: What's his last year income?
It's around 6 lacs.

VO: Do you have any bank loan?
Yes ma'am, have a loan sanctioned for 30lacs and it's a collateral loan.

VO: Any Savings?
8lacs (though having an FD of 8 laks)

VO: (asked again) Any other savings?
(I thought as my dad's income is low, she wants me to have savings of any kind like much more money she is expecting to show. So I felt it's time to mention about my sister.. Told) No, but even my sister is sponsoring for my higher education, (I planned this carried her pay slips, it returns and all)

VO: What she is doing?
She is working as senior software Engineer in Mindtree an IT company in Bangalore.

VO: Is she working in India?
Yes ma'am

VO: What's her income?
Her CTC is 5.75lacs, and good thing is she recently got her increment, and now it's 6.53 lacs. If at all you want I will provide her incrementation letter. (She said no)

VO: Can I check your loan sanction letter?
Sure ma'am and gave her my loan sanction letter.

VO saw that for 2Osecs and she said, I will be back in 2 minutes & she went inside taking my loan sanction letter. The problem with my loan sanction letter is that, my bank people gave me a hand written loan letter rather than system generated digital copy which every bank usually does. So she got doubt about it and went inside.

She came back after 2mins, I was staring at her chair, She came and writing something on a paper, I understood the scene that she going to give me 221g as she got doubt about my loan letter.

She wrote the case number, giving the slip she told: Your application needs further administrative processing and she told something I haven't listened (was busy in scolding my bank people in my mind)
After that I told her thank you with a smile and came back.
She kept my passport and loan sanction letter copy with her only.

Came out called and spoke with that bank manager, about it and told him that my visa was kept hold because of that loan sanction letter, and asked him to give confirmation if people from consulate called him and enquired. As its there rule and responsibility he said okay we will.

People from consulate called and enquired bank people on that day it self.

Finally, After two business days, my status is changed to Issued from AdministrativeProcessing.

That's how it all went.
I have seen many almost 10-15 visiting visa applicants coming back with passport in their hands, but took a deep breath and ignored it. Be confident about yourself.

Only tip is Be Cool and don't let your confidence levels to drop. Answer to VO with a gentle smile.

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