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Excellent Student Visa Experience | Fall 2017 USA Studies

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Profile Detail:

University: University of Missouri Kansas city
Course: MS in Computer Science

Hyderabad Consulate
Date: May 2017
Counter No: 11

Visa Interview Experience

VO was friendly and polite
Way too many tourist visas (many rejects) have seen hand full of F1's (4-5)

Me: Good morning ma’am.
Pass me your passport and i20 please
Me: Sure.

VO: How many Universities have you applied?

VO: Admits?

VO: Why this university?
Mainly because of the course structure ma’am, they have a dedicated track towards data science specialization (VO cut me off here).

VO: What does your sponsors do?
My mom is a teacher and and also takes care of our agricultural land she has income of 8.5lac and my grandfather is a retired government officer and pension holder.

VO: How many accres of land?

VO: So you have a scholarship?
Yes, ma’am 8000$/yr

VO: On what basis do they award this?
Ma’am, it's deans international scholarship award, given on merit basis and GRE score.

VO: Great, it's really good amount sir, I believe you have great academics, and work hard in us.
While she was saying this (background me gaana baj raha tha..in my mind.) this is going to be the best day of my life.

VO: Collect your passport in 2 days..thank you.

Free advice: three words, just be confident. Nothing else matter, they don't even check your financial if sound confident enough
Apart from that. Don't think much about process talk to someone in front. And don't stress much about interview.

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