Student VISA

Fall 2017 – F1 Student Visa Experience: (Mumbai Consulate | Texas A&M University, College Station | Civil Engineering - Approved)

Prashant Patil

Profile Details:

University: Texas A&M University, College Station
Course: MS in Civil Engineering

First Attempt
Mumbai Consulate
 July 2017
Status: Approved
Counter No: 30

Visa Interview Experience:

VISA officer was a bald guy in his mid 40s. He was friendly and polite.

Many students were getting their VISA approved which boosted my confidence. After standing in a queue outside the consulate for 1 hour, they let us to go in. When I reached counter I could actually hear my heartbeat.

ME: Good morning sir(with a gentle smile)
VO: Good morning, will you please pass the documents?
Yes sir (passed all documents including passport, i20, SEVIS receipt)

VO: Keep this SEVIS receipt with you(and he passed that to me). So why are you going to US?
I am going to pursue master of science in Civil Engineering.

VO: What is the highest degree you have?
I completed my bachelors in Civil Engineering from N. K. Orchid college of Engineering and Technology, Solapur.

VO: When did you complete your undergrad?
In June 2016.

VO: What were you doing till today?
I was working as a teaching assistant in an Engineering institute.

VO: Ohh great! (smile on his face was clearly stating my victory)
VO: How are you going to fund your study?
My uncle is sponsoring me and also, I have an education loan of 30 lacs.

VO: What is he?
He is a retired vice-principal of a government college.

VO: Why did you choose Texas?
Genuinely speaking, this is the best university among my admits and I want to work with Dr....(VO interrupted me, kept my passport in a box)

VO: Your VISA has been approved, you'll get your passport in few days.
(It was like a dream, I was not sure about what I heard) So can I go now?

VO: (He understood my condition, smiled) yes, enjoy your stay in the States.
Thank you sir, you made my day.

I was on cloud nine, I ran out with a big smile on my face as my efforts had paid off. I have seen many articles where students are asked multiple questions and they falter. My point being that, it pays to keep it simple. Just be confident and speak only when asked; also speak about the things that are being asked. It not only shows the clarity of thought in your mind but also creates a positive vibe in the room. I tried keeping it as simple and straightforward as possible and I think it words in my favor. All the best!

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