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Fall 2017 – F1 Student Visa Experience: (Kolkata Consulate | Northeastern University | Biotechnology - Approved)

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Profile Details:

University: Northeastern University
Course: MS in Biotechnology

Third Attempt
Kolkata Consulate
July 2017
Status: Approved

Visa Interview Experience:

VO: What about your undergrad?
Ma'am I did my UG in Pharm sci with specialization in Indian medicine from Jadavpur University which is one of the top 10 universities in India, with a CGPA of 8.03.

VO: What are you going to study?
Ma'am I am going to study Biotechnology.

VO: What universities did you apply to and why this university?
Applied to UC med, SUNY upstate med, UND and UT health, the courses were mostly related to biomed, I chose this university because apart from the similar curriculum the professors are interested to support me with my work with plant based therapies and have offered me the opportunity to study the same at the Texas lung injury institute.

VO: How would you fund your studies?
I have been offered GRA and out-of-state-waiver and I have taken a loan of approx 15000 USD and the rest from the savings of mine and my father.

VO: Your visa is Approved!

No documents asked except i20, did not ask about anything else.

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