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Fall 2015 - F1 Student Visa Experience: (Mumbai Consulate | Silicon Valley University | Computer Science - Approved)

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Profile Details:

University: Silicon Valley University
Course: MS in Computer Science

Second Attempt
Mumbai Consulate
August 2015
Status: Approved
Counter No: 35

Visa Interview Experience:

I searched the counters to see the VO who rejected me earlier, he was a psyco, felt happy wen I didn’t find him in any counter, yesterday only 7- 8 counters where active and after peeping though window into the waiting area, I could understand our is the last slot of the day and I am 5th last candidate of the day. I wanted to go to counter 31, 33, 34, 35 because i found those officers where cool and interactive. All off sudden counter 32 opens and announced to send candidate to that counter too. I found that psyco VO in that counter. I feared that I should not go to that counter. After some time, my turn came. One volunteer told me to go to counter 29, as I proceeded ahead another one told me to keep walking till counter 35 and that very moment, I knew my visa will be stamped. Because that VO was novice and she rejected no one as long as I saw that counter.

VO: Next proceed to the counter, Good morning.
Good morning ma’am.

VO: Give me your passport and I20 please.
: Here it is ma’am.

VO: So your going to Silicon Valley University?
Yes ma'am.

VO: For masters?
Yes ma'am in computer sciences.

VO: What is your age?

VO: Which all schools have you gone to?
Only under graduation, in 2010 ma'am.

VO: For so long you have been working in this company.
Yes ma'am, but with different clients, for past 1 year I was working for leading ISP provider in Hyderabad.

VO: So you are very much experienced, so you have lot of knowledge, so why you want to do master from this university.
Yes, the curriculum suits my interest which would allow me to be Linux admin etc.

VO: Which all schools did you apply?
VIU, Atlantis, SVU one admit and 2 pending ma'am.

VO: So, you want to do master from this university, okay.

VO: How about funding?
My father is sponsoring me ma'am.

VO: How, what does he do?
He is farmer and business man ma'am.

VO: What do you grow in your farm?
Cotton and corn.

VO: Ok your visa is approved, have a good day, welcome to united states.
Thank you ma'am.

Tips: No matter how bad you are English is(saw buttler English people getting approval), how bad your dressing sense (saw over weighted and unattractive people getting approval), no matter how worst you are academics are (I am live example), no matter how eye contact is(depends from VO to VO). All I can say is speak openly, every thing depends on VO. So all you can do is speak out loud and answer eloquently, and practice in front of mirror.

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