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Across town or across the globe, busy working professionals can take advantage of the flexibility and convenience of the Lyle Distance-to-Campus Program offerings.

  • 50 years of proven fully accredited private school engineering education-at-a-distance.
  • Convenient and flexible delivery; shift time for a better work/life balance.
  • Cutting-edge technology to create an immersive classroom experience.
  • 19 master's programs; advancing graduate study for military and civilians at home and abroad.

Fall 2020, Distance-to-Campus students will begin their studies via Distance Education and transition into on-campus learning beginning Spring 2021, when campus is open to students. However, if the student chooses to stay in his/her home country, he/she may complete the degree as a Distance Education student.

With all the detail and content of our on-campus graduate courses, students view streamed versions of live lectures to complete any of the master's degrees offered. Most degree programs are 10-course 30 hours with no on-campus or thesis requirements, all designed to further your professional career goals. See how the Lyle Distance-to-Campus Program works.

Lyle Distance Education Program offerings are well suited for graduate international students in the U.S. or abroad.

"Lyle's distance programs are innovative and exciting program from which professionals in technology can greatly benefit. My master's degree in systems engineering, completed at a distance, has propelled my career in the aerospace industry. Education is the key to continued success, and I'm very proud to be an alumna of Lyle."
~ Marky Kidd, Flight Test and Evaluation Engineer | Aerospace – Commercial Jetliner Manufacturer

"Thanks for the great service. The new system of .wmv files works very well for me. I am able to download the classes at my work computer and save to a 20 GB USB drive, then watch at home later. For a couple of the classes, I was gone on a trip to Korea and was not able to download there, but received the DVDs by mail and used those when I got home to Guam."
~ Dan Sherrill, Civil Engineer

SMU’s Lyle School of Engineering’s Distance-to-Campus program can also save on costs. On campus tuition for Fall is $1,468 per credit hour, whereas our Distance Education program tuition per credit hour is $1,350. That’s a savings of $118 per credit hour!

In addition, you will likely save on living expenses by enrolling in the Distance-to-Campus program in the Fall 2020 term. The estimated cost of living per semester in Dallas is $10,000 USD. So if you stay in your home country and start as a Distance student this Fall, this will be your added savings. Sounds good! 

So now that you are aware of the cost savings for tuition and the estimated living cost, what are you waiting for? If you have not already done so, submit your application materials today. View our degree programs, HERE. To apply for Fall 2020, please click HERE.

We recognize that current uncertainties have changed plans in many different ways. We encourage you to enroll in our Distance-to-Campus option for Fall 2020 and join us on campus in Spring 2021, when campus is open to students.

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