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Does university location matter?

Yocket Editorial Team

If you are reading this article that probably means you want information on whether a better location should be preferred or an university with a better ranking. The first thing you need to figure out is what comes to your mind when you hear “a better location”. Stay tuned and read till the end because we are going to unleash some facts that will help you opt for the right choice leading towards your dream destination overseas.

What is a better location? 

A better location might be variable based on your future plans i.e generally classified as going for industrial sector or research plan. When it comes to working in an industrial sector, look around where your University is based;

  1. Are there good firms available nearby?
  2. Is it a city which is known for technology?
  3. How is the job market in that city?

There might be many other factors that would define a “good location”. But, these factors listed above are the ones that pops up immediately in a student’s mind.

What about students who opt for Research? 

If you are a student whose plan is to drive the focus towards research, location doesn’t matter that much because your University provides you the facilities and perks required for you to excel in the field of research. Location doesn’t really affect your decision.

Better location Ranking

 Now comes the million dollar question. I bet, if you are a student who is going abroad for education, you will come across this hurdle of whether to select a University with better location or a University with a better ranking. It’s not really that hard to decide if you follow the steps:

  1. Figure out what you want to opt for in the future; Industrial Sector or Research?
  2. Now, if you opted for the latter; Location is secondary and ranking coupled with research opportunities should be your go to choice.
  3. Selected Industrial Sector? Always go for a better location than ranking.

You would be prone to ask why? 

When you see yourself working in a reputed industry and having those big company names tagged with yours, the location too comes hand in hand. Firms abroad look for talent nearby and who are easily accessible. Perhaps, the University ranking is considered subordinate.

Upside of selecting a University with a better location 

  1. Good Job prospects
  2. The process of finding jobs would be less cumbersome
  3. Lively environment
  4. Better Return on Investments (Industry oriented)

Downside of selecting a University with a better location

  1. The living expenses may be high
  2. Overcrowded streets and surroundings

So, now it’s time for you to first follow the steps and then ask yourself what is important to you? There are of course other factors too like, scholarships, climatic conditions etc; Keeping all these factors in mind you can decide if is it worth moving forward with a University which has a better location or a University with a better ranking.

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